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Leafreport Releases Findings From Pet CBD Survey: 50% Report Giving Pets CBD Products

More Than Half of All Respondents Reported Improvement In Pets With Use of CBD Products


Leafreport.com, the CBD industry’s peer-reviewed watchdog website, announced today the results from a comprehensive survey of pet owners who give their pets cannabidiol (CBD) products. The report showed that 50% of pet owners reported using CBD for their cat or dog, and 74% indicated that they were likely, or very likely, to recommend pet CBD products to other pet owners.

The survey revealed insights about this niche, but quickly growing, corner of the CBD market. Of the 1,448 pet owners who were surveyed, 50% of the respondents had tried CBD for their pet. In addition, 38% had given their pet CBD because their vet recommended it. Regarding why owners were giving their pets CBD, 44% gave their pet CBD to help ease their anxiety or stress. Pet edibles were by far the most popular delivery format, with 53% of respondents favouring this method. 

“For many of us, our pets are beloved members of our family, worthy of the highest level of devoted care and attention,” said Lital Shafir, Head of Product at Leafreport. “Although the research on the use of CBD in pets is still relatively low, many pet owners appear to be convinced of its efficacy. This is interesting because our previous research has shown that many vets support the use of CBD for inflammation, pain, seizures, allergies, and anxiety in pet populations too, emphasizing its low side-effect profile. Our aim with regular reports such as this is to help consumers become more savvy about CBD and its potential benefits.”

In addition, 67% of respondents reported that CBD had resulted in moderate to great improvement in their pets. The vast majority of respondents were likely, or very likely, to recommend CBD to other pet owners.

Leafreport launched the survey on SurveyMonkey, with the questions targeting U.S.-based pet owners. To ensure that this criteria was met, Leafreport set restrictions on the survey so only participants located in the United States could respond. 

This is one of many reports the company has published as Leafrport aims to inform consumers about various aspects of the CBD industry. These reports include recent deep-dives into topicals, edibles, beverages, and more. 

To read the full report from Leafreport: https://www.leafreport.com/education/cbd-for-pets-survey-what-do-pet-owners-really-think-about-pet-cbd-products-12531

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