Luxury cannabis brand Rebelle introduces HALØ, a new collection of THC microdosing mists with three unique experiences designed to seamlessly fold into daily use. HALØ mists were created with style, sustainability, and sacredness of small daily rituals at the core with each spray infused with an adaptogen to promote wellness.  

HALØ mists offer a true cannabis microdose—at a combined 1mg with each spray easily controlled to the desired dose. Behind HALØ’s three unique formulas is one designed to energize your vibe, the second to restore your microbiome, and the third to enhance your relaxation and unwind. The approachable product’s chic packaging and refreshing flavor is indistinguishable from a breath spray allowing for a discreet, hygienic experience that can easily be shared among the fellow cannabis curious, from the experienced to those who are newly partaking. 

“I believe wellness-minded professionals and cannabis enthusiasts are creating a demand for alternative ways to consume cannabis in their daily lives to improve their energy levels, restore balance and overall well-being,” says Community Growth Partners Founder & CEO Charlotte Hanna, of Rebelle’s parent company. “This coupled with the increased interest in microdosing marijuana we’re seeing among our customers has propelled us to create a craft cannabis product that can be incorporated into anyone’s daily routine.” 

The concept for HALØ is derived from the “halo effect” philosophy and how we can implement microdosing psychedelics to transform our thinking. Rebelle’s mission for launching a collection of microdosing mists is driven by Founder and CEO Charlotte Hanna’s research and firsthand experience that consumers are seeking out a more convenient way to benefit from cannabis while leaning into its wellness benefits. HALØ will begin to enhance your mood with just one spray, then continue until your wanted effect. 

HALØ is available in three unique experiences: Luster with green tea, Golden with chlorophyll, and Twinkle with valerian root. A mist that’s a must have for every THC lover out there, Luster revives, Golden realigns, and Twinkle relaxes. Take HALØ with you wherever you go for a fast-acting, clean, convenient, and discreet way to boost your day.  

Luster: Like a super-tight dance track, this energy-lifting cannabis-infused oral mist feels downright fab anytime, anywhere. Each spray delivers 1mg of THC along with energizing green tea extract, allowing you to easily control your desired dose. 

Golden: Seize the day, then add a little sparkle. This blended spray harmonizes your vibe and the moment. Each spray delivers .5mg of THC and .5mg of CBD along with antioxidant-nourishing chlorophyll – instantly rebalancing body, mind, and spirit.  

Twinkle: This adaptogen oral mist nestles body and mind on a dreamy cloud of relaxation – imparting a mind-body chill that enriches wind-down rituals and lazy Sundays alike. Each spray delivers .5mg of THC and .5mg of CBN along with nourishing valerian root.  

HALØ mists, which retail for $35.00, are now available online and throughout Massachusetts and at Rebelle, 783 South Main Street, Great Barrington, MA. For more information, please visit https://letsrebelle.com/.