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Making The Most Out Of Your Wax Concentrates

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Wax concentrates have become an essential part of cannabis consumption since it was commercialized and was introduced in the general cannabis market within the past decade. Cannabis concentrates are substances of various textures and consistency that range from crumbly granules and brittle waxes to elastic, stretchy, and rubbery goo.   

Cannabis concentrates are the product of extracting the chemical compounds of the actual cannabis plant. Cannabis plants contain over one hundred chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. These chemical compounds give cannabis its psychoactive and curative properties. Two of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis – THC and CBD – are almost ever-present in every cannabis strain. The process that the actual plant matter undergoes makes extracts and concentrates somewhat on the expensive side of cannabis consumption. Concentrates are more expensive than dried leaves, flowers, and even buds – though there’s a sensible reason behind its steep price.  

Turning cannabis into concentrates isn’t exactly rocket science, but the equipment and the complexity of the extraction method along with the perceived efficacy and potency of the final product makes these concentrates worth every penny. Cannabis concentrates are several times more potent than the actual plant matter, so a small dab of these concentrates can go a long way. Concentrates are best not only for highly tolerant casual consumers, they are also one of the most recommended cannabis materials for medicating users who need potent doses of cannabinoids to treat their medical conditions, or for those who need immediate relief from pain and inflammation.  

So, how does one handle and consume such a precious piece of material? How can you get the most out of each and every drop of cannabis extract you buy with your hard-earned money? Chances are that if you’re a beginner or a newcomer to the concentrate consumption scene, you might have burned your first few dabs. It’s time you go over our list of best practices for concentrate consumers to make the most out of their cannabis concentrates.

1. Vape It

What most people don’t know is that vaping and smoking concentrates are two different things. The way smoking and vaping heats concentrates are very different and make a significant impact on their overall efficacy and potency.  

When you’re smoking (dabbing) cannabis concentrates, you normally do it with a dab rig. You assemble the contraption together, torch your nail till it glows red hot, wait for a couple of seconds, place your concentrates (dabs) onto your nail and wait til it vaporizes the life out of your material. It does so in immediate fashion, quickly burning the concentrates and producing thick clouds of vapor. All’s well til you get hooked with these massive fogs that you keep on heating the nail, and the problem there is while you torch your concentrates to mist, the high and drastic rise in temperature causes the concentrates to produce a toxic byproduct – benzene.  

Benzene is known as a common carcinogen and can be found in our everyday drinks like soda, in your car’s exhaust and air conditioning, as well as the second-hand smoke you get from your office-mate who likes to blow cigarette smoke during your break time.  

Vaping concentrates, on the other hand, applies targeted heating. The level of temperature used in vaporizers are calculated and are fine-tuned to avoid the point of combustion. Benzene is released from concentrated cannabis in temperature levels around 365 degrees Fahrenheit, and vaporizers, such as the Yocan Hive 2.0 Wax Vape, are equipped with variable voltage batteries that are calibrated to provide users with temperature profiles that are safe for concentrate consumption.  

2. Use A Non-Stick Container

Instead of using jars made out of glass, you want to keep your concentrates inside a non-stick silicone container. These containers are oftentimes made out of food-grade materials and are dishwasher, microwave oven, and freezer safe. Sometimes, you may be able to get a platinum cured silicone container, which is stronger and several times more durable than the average silicone plastic.  

Glass wax containers have the tendency to break when dropped, and what you’d like to avoid is to waste wax by letting it stick into places you’ll never be able to get it out of. Keeping your dabs in a silicone container allows you to take advantage of its specially designed interior which lets you scoop the concentrates with ease. Non-stick silicone containers also offer a smooth interior finish, they shut fairly easy and securely and they’re good for keeping your concentrates on-the-go since they’re less susceptible to breakage and provide you with a sturdy and durable portable container.  

Furthermore, it’s best to store your dabs in a sealed container – every time – since keeping your dabs in the open increases the rate of degradation and exposes it to dust and other forms of particulates that may otherwise irritate your lungs during consumption.

3. Use Gloves

Some people might think it over the top, but wearing gloves when handling your concentrates is extremely beneficial – both for the user and the material itself.

In modern-day dispensaries, bud tenders and hash makers use gloves when handling cannabis concentrates and even the actual plant matter to make sure that the patients and those who are to use the concentrates – whether casually or medically – will have a safe and clean material to work with. Handling cannabis by hands, concentrates especially, exposes the concentrates to bacteria and germs from your hands. Not only does it pose a possibility of material contamination, but it also speeds up the degradation of the concentrate.  

It’s best to treat your cannabis concentrates like actual edible food, which you’d want to keep safe, clean, and free from all contaminants. You also may want to use gloves or a sheet of paper when handling concentrates to avoid spoiling your materials.  

In Closing

Wax concentrates are precious to most cannabis consumers, especially the ones who use them for medication. They provide a fast and effective means of medication compared to consuming the actual plant matter. Remember, find the best portable wax vape for your concentrates to make sure they’re heated properly, keep them in a dry and clean container and handle them with care by using gloves or a piece of parchment paper.