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Marijuana & The Medical Treatment Of Children


Children and cannabis. Something many parents used to try and keep away from one  another. Today, that effort has shifted greatly in the medical community. Over recent  years, researchers and doctors have discovered groundbreaking improvements to  young patients when administered medical marijuana under doctor supervision.  Cannabinoids have proven to show life-improving impacts to those children suffering  from epilepsy, autism, anxiety and other neurological disorders. This all-natural  treatment provides a safer solution to the long-term possibly damaging and addictive  effects of medicating children with strong prescription drugs. 

Since 2018, the FDA has approved Cannabinoids for various conditions in children.  Nationally, over 400k children suffer from epilepsy, many of them taking strong  prescription drugs as young as infants and toddlers. Prescription medications come  with a long list of side effects including depression, irritability, and hyperactivity. The  most common side effect of medical marijuana and CBD is can be tiredness and dry  mouth. It is a non-toxic and safe medication. The realization of the proven treatment of  Cannabinoids has been a significant step forward in emphasizing natural medicine to  aid the younger ones who suffer from uncommon illnesses.  

Recently, medical researchers have had a radical discovery with autistic children and  the administration of medical marijuana. “The children’s aberrant biomarkers shifted  dramatically toward the neurotypical range when medical cannabis was administered.  These quantifiable changes corresponded to positive mood and behavioral outcomes.  It has huge implications for refining and advancing cannabinoid treatment strategies.”¹ Now that the doors have opened to more research and support, we are certain to  discover even more capabilities of cannabinoids. Doctors can now offer parents and  young patients a chance of normalcy when using more natural medicine.  

When it comes to treating children with Cannabinoids, perhaps the most critical step is  choosing the proper doctor. Select a doctor with experience in pediatrics and working  with children. At Medverde in Miami, the only medical marijuana clinic specializing in  pediatrics, you can meet with Dr. Ann-Marie Wong, a long-term pediatrician and  medical marijuana doctor who specializes in pediatrics. Here you can discuss your  child’s medical conditions and she will design a customized plan for them. “As a mother and doctor well versed and experienced in chemical engineering and  medicine,” says Dr. Wong, “I feel confident in exploring the benefits medical marijuana  can have on children”. Dr. Wong is Miami’s best, and one of the few, pediatric medical marijuana doctors. “We have witnessed first hand the positive impact medical  marijuana has had on our younger patients. They are now able to lead better, more  normal lives.” It is important to consult with a medical professional before giving a child  Medical Marijuana or CBD, to ensure it doesn’t interfere with any prescription medicines they may be taking, to administer the proper dosage, and to track results.

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