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Med-X, Inc.’s The Marijuana Times Launches Daily Video News Program


Canoga Park, CA – The Med-X, Inc. management team is proud to announce the launch of The Marijuana Times Show, a daily video show, and Apple podcast. The team at The Marijuana Times continues to present itself as a leading authority in the cannabis industry news sector. The show was developed and launched in order to increase its contributors’ visibility and offer its readers more digital options to stay up to date on everything happening in the cannabis industry.

Hosted by cannabis media veteran, Joe Klare, the video show is produced and aired daily broadcasting the most up to date information as it happens. “Our readers and now viewers wanted more options. In today’s world, it is important to broadcast your message in as many ways as possible. We feel that the video show and podcast is the natural, next evolution of The Marijuana Times,” explained Joe Klare.

The show can be viewed daily on the publication’s Youtube channel, streamed from the website, as well as watched and/or listened to on Apple Podcast. As a subscriber, the viewers of The Marijuana Times Show can now go about their lives and stay up to date at the same time.

Med-X, Inc.’s COO, Matthew Mills is pleased with the growth and progress the digital publication has made over the past few years. “We started this because we thought there needed to be a place where people of all knowledge levels could get information to help progress the industry. Our writers and team have done a stand-up job reporting and planting The Marijuana Times as a leader in this industry. We started with a website, added an IOS app and now we have a daily video and podcast to continue to expanding our reach and touching new readers.” said Mills.

The new programming also offers The Marijuana Times partners more opportunities to advertise their products and services. The team at Med-X, Inc. and The Marijuana Times aim to continue their quest to spread the truth about cannabis as well as develop new and innovative ways to reach people at the same time.

To subscribe to the show’s Youtube channel please visit, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqWOS0H-tVHhRUx3j41K6Ug

The show can also be found on Apple Podcast as well as watched directly from the website.

For information on how you can be a part of the show email us at info@medx-rx.com.