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Native Roots Launches Gold Label: Small Batch, Handcrafted Cannabis


New flower from Native Roots incorporates handcrafted techniques 

to the post-harvest process to preserve trichomes, potency and cannabinoids

Proprietary scientific research categorizes each strain into five potential effects, 

including sleep, relax, focus, energize and uplift

Native Roots has officially launched its Gold, Onyx and Green cannabis labels, comprising 25 strains and now available at the leading independent dispensary chain’s 20 locations across Colorado. Each strain is hand-picked and thoughtfully cultivated using strain-specific growing methods to maximize potency, flavor and quality. All strains undergo Native Roots’ proprietary curing process that eliminates rapid terpene evaporation and discoloration, maximizing cannabinoid content.

Gold and Onyx label strains are hung dry and hand-trimmed to preserve trichomes where high concentrations of psychoactive compounds reside, maintaining the natural beauty and potency of the flower. After the curing process, Gold and Onyx strains are hand packed to preserve trichomes. 

The Gold Label strains are packaged in glass drams that block UV rays and are non-porous, smell-proof and airtight, preserving the bud. All Gold Label strains are grown from seed and offer a minimum of 24% THC potency. Hand-selected by the cultivation staff, all phenotypes are exclusive to Native Roots. 

“Our cultivation team is constantly researching, growing and testing new potential strains. The result is the debut of these new flower options that incorporate a thoughtful revamp to the post-harvest process,” said Jason MacDonald, director of cultivation operations at Native Roots Cannabis Co. “All strains grown at Native Roots facilities are grown with the same high standards, and each is tested extensively before becoming eligible for the Gold or Onyx labels.”

Accompanying the launch, budtenders will lead customers through a flower selection using the Mood State Matrix, a guide created from scientific engineer-led research at Native Roots. Rather than simply classifying a strain as Sativa, Indica or Hybrid, customers can pick a product based on effects such as sleep, relax, focus, energize and uplift. The Mood State Matrix was designed after a comprehensive digital analysis on cannabis effects descriptions, extensive group testing on each strain, and mathematical modeling around results to ensure consistency and accuracy with the final five descriptors. The Mood State Matrix is a suggested guide and effects cannot be guaranteed. 

Gold Label is offered in ⅛ oz. glass jars at $45 each; ¼ oz. for $85; ½ oz. for $150; 1 oz. for $280. Onyx Label is offered in ⅛ oz. drams at $30. Green Label is packaged in ½ oz. bags at $60 for recreational customers, $55 for medical customers and two ½ oz. bags at $85 for recreational customers, $80 for medical customers.

Product images are available. For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Shawna Seldon McGregor at 917-971-7852 or shawna@themaverickpr.com.