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New Biotechnology Enters Arizona Cannabinoid Market


New bioactive delivery technology for cannabinoids is now available in Arizona, a state that is on track to sell over $1 billion in cannabis this year.  Ally Biotech, a company specializing in liposomal encapsulation, recently finalized a manufacturing partnership with Payson-based Desert Medical Campus, Inc., bringing patent-pending Lipofusion™ delivery technology to the recreational market. 

Ally Biotech’s raw material protects bioactives from degradation in the digestive system and provides effective and increased absorption on the cellular level in comparison to conventional nanoemulsion techniques. Through the partnership, Ally Biotech will utilize its exclusive nanoliposomal technology to manufacture water soluble products under the Desert Medical Campus license in Arizona. Home to a market-leading cannabis soft gel capsule operation, Desert Medical Campus brought the first THC-infused gel caps to dispensary shelves under its Chill Pill Collection. 

“Desert Medical Campus is known for pioneering new technologies and bringing first-of-its-kind products to market. By aligning with Ally Biotech, we will continue to solidify our brand portfolio as a true differentiator in the Arizona market,” stated Pam Donner, COO of Desert Medical Campus.

Ally Biotech is already in the final stages of manufacturing raw material for powdered tablets and an original line of flavored shots. The Company’s oral delivery technology empowers brands to become industry game changers and develop highly bioavailable custom formulations.