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New Cannabis Wellness Collection Addresses Menopause Symptoms


In the U.S., 6,000 women enter menopause each day with 75 percent experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, and other lifestyle inhibiting symptoms. Revelry, a new cannabis wellness collection, is designed to help improve sleep quality, focus, and mood, offering a plant-based approach to the under addressed healthcare conditions of perimenopause and menopause.

The women-owned and developed product line was co-founded by Lilach Mazor Power, owner and founder of Giving Tree Dispensary, and marketing executive Stef Swiergol. The Revelry collection features THC-infused day and night capsules which are now available at select Arizona dispensaries and at Giving Tree Dispensary. Revelry will also release a CBD intimacy oil that will be available nationally later this month. 

“Menopause is a natural and biological stage in every woman’s life. We wanted to use nature as a medium to help manage the emotional and physical challenges that come with it,” explained Power. 

Revelry capsules offer a comfortable and discreet way to consume cannabis and are 100 percent hormone free and low calorie. The daytime sativa gelcaps are a microdose option that provide relaxation as well as mental focus, incorporating several different cannabinoids with anti-inflammatory benefits at 2.5mg each. The nighttime capsules offer a calming and restorative THC:CBD 1:1 ratio at 20 mg each.

“Our inspiration for Revelry was the modern woman, the mothers, partners, leaders, and legends who need to keep moving regardless of menopause. The product line can easily be incorporated into a daily health regimen while also supplementing any homeopathic or medical menopause treatment,” explained Swiergol.

With a mission to reinvent the menopause discourse, Revelry delivers innovative health options to a previously untapped segment in cannabis.