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Not Your Grandfather’s Seeds

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The phrases “not your father’s” or “not your grandfather’s” are used quite a bit when it comes to describing today’s cannabis. It’s used so much that it borders on annoying. But the frequent use of these phrases illuminates the reality that cannabis is much better than it used to be.

By any metric or standard, cannabis is more advanced than it was a few decades ago. From potency to growing techniques, this is truly not your grandfather’s marijuana. Perhaps this can be seen no more clearly than when looking at the advancements when it comes to cannabis seeds.

And maybe the best example of this are autoflowering cannabis seeds. According to the folks at Herbies, “autoflowering cannabis strains are not dependent on light schedules and start to flower at a certain point of maturity, regardless of the amount of light the plant receives. Usually, their vegetative period is quite short, lasting about 2-4 weeks, after which time autoflowering marijuana plants start developing buds automatically. This wonderful ability became possible after Indicas and Sativas were crossed with Cannabis ruderalis. This plant, native to the colder regions of the world where less light is available during the year, has adapted to the harsh conditions and evolved to develop the ability to flower on its own terms.”

Before autoflowering, seeds were very dependent on light schedules to know when it was time to flower, i.e, when they began to receive less light. The short duration of the vegetative period for autoflowering seeds presents several advantages to growers, including the ability to grow multiple harvests per season of compact plants.

Again, according to Herbies, “autoflowers are generally stronger, more forgiving to the mistakes of novice growers, and adaptive to cultivation in regions with higher latitude. Additionally, in regions where not only the climate but also the laws are harsh to cannabis cultivation, autoflowering cannabis seeds come in especially handy for their quick and stealthy presence – after all, an autoflowering plant that could be as short as 40cm and ready to harvest in as little as 50 days is much easier to remain unnoticed by unwanted eyes.”

Growing cannabis can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive activity, so anything that is going to make it easier will be welcomed by many growers. Plants that are hardier and tougher will also be welcome to growers, especially newer ones who are more likely to make a few mistakes.

For those who are used to seeds that flower depending on light, using autoflowering seeds will take adjustments. Autoflowering strains are usually quicker to harvest; the entire cycle lasts no longer than 2 to 3 months. “Because the plants have such a short timeframe in which to mature,” Herbies tells us, “they rarely manage to develop a well-structured canopy, so some of the buds will be placed lower on the plant and will take longer to be ready for harvesting. It’s highly advisable to harvest autoflowers in several steps, collecting the buds from the colas first and leaving the rest to fully mature before picking these as well.”

Autoflowering may not be for everyone, but it shows just how advanced cannabis growing has become. More choices mean better-quality cannabis; maybe even cannabis that your grandfather wouldn’t recognize. 

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