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Ojai Energetics CBD Oil: You Can Taste it Working

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The hemp space has become flooded with new CBD oils, but how can one really identify the real thing from the ‘snake oils’ out there? To start, look at the science behind the oil. Then, try it out.

Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Will Kleidon, founder and CEO of Ojai Energetics CBD oil. I asked him what makes his cannabidiol (CBD) oil stand out from the rest.

“Ours kicks in at one minute,” he replied with confidence.

Ojai Energetics has proprietary delivery technology, dubbed CBD BIOLOGIX. It allows the CBD’s benefits to be rapidly absorbed into the body in less than 60 seconds using Hydrosome encapsulated technology.

He says the all-natural process is the most effective cannabidiol delivery method in the world.          

Their method encapsulates the full spectrum hemp oil (CBD) in a tiny water bubble, making it the most bio-available – and quickest absorption method – on the market.

Image Credit: ojaienergetics.com

“CBD interacts with the body through the endocannabinoid system, which regulates the body’s homeostasis – or general state of balance,” Kleidon explained.

The endocannabinoid system is fed by molecules – known as cannabinoids.

Ojai Energetics President, NASCAR driver, businessman, Hollywood director, and longtime stuntman Stanton Barrett stands by the product – despite the fact that he can’t use the oil due to NASCAR regulations.

“I can’t stress enough how valuable this phytonutrient is for athletes like myself who suffer the consequences of an active lifestyle and career,” said Barrett. “We need to break down the stigma associated with this natural plant and its cannabinoids that effectively work with our body’s own endocannabinoid system.”

While the endocannabinoid system is one of the most important regulatory systems in the human body, most people do very little to support the health of this system because cannabinoids have been removed from the average human diet for decades. That’s where CBD BIOLOGIX Super CBD comes into play, said Kleidon.

It’s a truly unique delivery system. First comes priming, which means the first couple doses are just filling the body’s cannabinoid depletion. When it tastes really sweet, then you’ve achieved the level of CBD your body is yearning for, he explained.

Then, he handed me the product. At first, the oil was really bitter. However, by my fourth dose, the same bottle suddenly tasted like sweet honey. The difference in taste is very noticeable, you can literally taste it working.

In my experience, I can report that my mind felt more focused, and my eyesight sharpened.

“It continues to blow me away,” said Kleidon, “the life-changing stories I hear from people who are getting the benefits from our CBD is amazing.”

The body has an inverse tolerance to CBD, so you won’t have to worry about building up a tolerance to get the same health benefits. Kleidon said routine users will use less and less as they go.

Ojai Energetics is a public benefit corporation, priding themselves on being an ethics-driven health and wellness company. In that vein, they have collaborated with Kiss the Ground, who are advocates for the restoration of the climate through healthy topsoil.


  1. I specifically like CBD Isolate products because they do not contain any THC so I have peace of mind in the case that I have to take a drug test for work because I work for Border Patrol.