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Packaging challenges defeated by up and coming DIZPOT


Cannabis brands and companies are always seeing what the next challenge may be. One company, DIZPOT, is helping with packaging problems by providing unique branding and compliant packaging solutions for the cannabis industry. With its success in providing full-services for packaging, DIZPOT is on course to surpass 2020 revenues by 200 percent. The company serves dispensaries and brands in every legal U.S. cannabis marketplace.

Established in 2017 by CEO John Hartsell and COO Jeff Scrabeck, and with a reputation for extreme growth, the company now boasts a 14,000 sq. ft. facility housing Creative Services, Procurement, Logistics, and Sales Departments in addition to inventory. DIZPOT has expanded from a basic packaging business into a full service one-stop branding and design partner for some of the largest players in the industry. The cannabis packaging market was valued at $101.48 billion in 2020 and is expected to exceed $297.51 billion by 2026, according to Mordor Intelligence.

“We started out as a two man show and now have over 30 team members across multiple divisions including sales, design, software development, and logistics,” explained Hartsell. “It’s always been our vision to become one of the world’s largest ancillary organizations serving the cannabis industry and every year we get closer.” The company sets itself apart with its full-service, creative packaging options, multi-faceted design services and by serving customers with a staff dedicated to “old school service,” he said.

According to Hartsell, the company is on pace to eclipse 2020 revenues by 200 percent in 2021. The rapid evolution of DIZPOT is in large part due to the team’s manufacturing expertise, thorough understanding of state by state cannabis regulations, and ability to scale quickly to meet the demands of the fast growing industry. Previously, DIZPOT reported 50 percent year over year growth in its first two years of operation. The company surpassed its 2019 annual sales midway through Q2 of 2020, and ended with 100 percent year over year growth.  

With the development of its full service design and branding offerings, the company now provides a turnkey solution for those wanting to get to market quickly with a competitive edge. The company has further expansion plans and is slated to announce a new development in the tech space in late 2021.

The company has laid a foundation for innovation by developing new, industry-specific packaging software, combined with an extensive logistics network. “We built a culture and business model at DIZPOT where creativity thrives undaunted by the challenges of a highly regulated industry,” stated Scrabeck. 

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