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Poll Finds 93% of Americans Support MMJ, Now Trump Does Too


Just hours after the Quinnipiac poll was released, revealing that most Americans are in favor of medical marijuana – President Trump’s press secretary said he was too.

Up until last week, there was a lot of uncertainty as to where the new Trump administration stands on marijuana reform. Last Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer revealed a lot with comments he made to reporters at his briefing. For the first time, Spicer said the White House is aware of the medical uses for marijuana.

On the other side of the cannabis coin stands recreational cannabis, and Spicer made it clear that they are not as thrilled with the recreational, adult-use cannabis market.

From the podium of the West Wing, Spicer had this to say about medical marijuana:

“The president understands the pain and suffering that many people go through who are facing, especially terminal diseases, and the comfort that some of these drugs, including medical marijuana, can bring to them…”

“There is still a federal law that we need to abide by when it comes to recreational marijuana and other drugs of that nature…” He went on to add that he believes Americans will ‘see greater enforcement’ on recreational marijuana because there’s a ‘big difference’ between medical and recreational use.

It’s interesting to note that Spicer made the comments immediately following the new national poll taken by Quinnipiac University that revealed that most Americans are in favor of marijuana, and Republicans are out of step with the issue. According to the polling data, a whopping 93 percent of voters support legalized marijuana for medical purposes if prescribed by a doctor.


While his comments throw the Republican administration’s support behind medical marijuana for the first time, the GOP base remains behind the new marijuana times on both medical and recreational marijuana.


No love for recreational cannabis

Republicans, including the President, remain out of step with America when it comes to recreational cannabis. A majority – 59 percent – of everyone polled believes that marijuana use should be made legal in the U.S.

The poll finds 61 percent of Republicans, and about half of voters over the age of 65 are opposed to legalized marijuana. Every other party, gender, education, age, and racial group listed supports legalized marijuana.

The poll also finds, across the board, that a majority of the voters support state’s rights on marijuana. The poll finds that 71 percent agree – the government should not enforce federal laws against marijuana in states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana use.

Just over half of the Republicans oppose federal action against states with medical or recreational reforms, at 55 percent. A significant amount, 80 percent, of Democrats agree.

Republicans views on legalization of cannabis remains at odds with most other demographics. Spicer’s comments bring the Republican White House at odds with their Republican base when it comes to medical marijuana.

The poll still proves anti-legalization Republicans are out of step with America when it comes to recreational marijuana.


    • Kinda like Democrats wanna do with guns. Stop taking political sides. I’m 24. And I fully support legal marijuana. Period. 100% legal. Just like alcohol. If caught transferring or selling to a minor. 3yrs. Minimum. If granted access by a doctor. Any age is legal to use. Simple. Fool proof. Everybody makes money. Everybody wins. Keep it grassroots and don’t allow tobacco companies to acquire anything for profit. They killed enough people with cigarettes. Conservatives hate it because liberals idolize it. I don’t care who’s political dick you suck, focus on the goal. Not the bullshit. Jackass

  1. Nice late winter article, Chloe Sommers. Today (Mon. 2/27/17), the Associated Press quoted the first public statements on this subject from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. This notorious Alabama marijuana hater is hesitant to launch a major campaign against recreational use at the federal level, clearly endorsing states’ rights, even though he views legalization by more states as a poor choice. Plus, the governors and/or attorneys general in Colorado and Washington have made it abundantly clear to Sessions that they are prepared to fight any new federal crackdown in court, virtually guaranteeing high costs to taxpayers (a major contradiction of the administration’s small-government mantra).

  2. I personally am a republican and I vote,
    but as lung disease and seizures rule my
    life and drug side effects rule my sleep.
    I live in Missouri and I can’t believe that
    we can decriminalized pot we can’t stop
    prosecutors here from dishing out 18 yr
    sentences like they did me for poss. of
    one joint not more than 1 gram! We can
    only vote on this issue. Yeah I put it on
    here correct 1 st offense 18 yrs! Just
    remind these people we put them in office
    we can vote them out as easy as they got
    in! When does Big government stop and
    the right to control what our bodies have
    in them? Why would they want to spend
    60000$ a year to house and feed me for
    a non violent 1st offense? And why do we
    pay these elected people to do this to us?
    I am white and in my late 40’s so color has
    nothing to do with this issue. When does
    a person say Why do I have a pill to stop
    puking a pill to settle my stomach on top
    of that a pill for anxiety a pill for
    depression and one to make me sleep, 14 in
    all. And one joint fixes the bulk of my pain
    and all of the rest of the problems! I have
    med. insurance and why should I have
    to move to a legal state when my doctor
    says here is your script and all of the side
    effects? And the man was 3 days older than
    me,told me “if I see you next month”I asked
    Why whats wrong? He says if you are here!
    Well lets give them a job where they are
    exposed to chemicals Make sure they get both lungs full and not in an air controlled
    building! Our city prosecutor needs a reality
    check!(and fired) I don’t know anyone
    who sets out to plot a crime on pot unless
    a late night fridge raid is a crime. The crime
    is that the politicians are not in the same
    boat and of they are they can afford to
    move to a legal state and pay someone
    to go to a cafe to get the correct meds for
    them. I challenge them to a seizure contest
    and we will see who feels better after it is over, they get pills from their doctor and
    I get pot from the earth.Any takers? Anyone?Bueller? I love life my wife and
    kids and cant stand it when they see me
    wasting away and there is help in a plant
    they made illegal! Well thank you for being
    strong enough to tell them this is silly!
    Seriously this narrow minded thinking has got to stop and the healing process needs
    a fresh look outside of the box they knew
    would put good people caught between illness and them in prison,Hell The Hemp rope industry was put out of bussiness
    thanks to this form of gaining money for
    our communities! You would think ok
    make it legal and stop people from exporting
    our money.Make them see the hundred
    billion dollars we spend as a nation on it annually! signed Rick S. backwards Missouri

  3. The real issue is all these people from the new administration are nothing but money hungry vampires who want every single penny for their companies and families.
    They WILL try their best to go against cannabis in all ways. As we all open minded people know cannabis helps with several health conditions so if they make cannabis fully legal good bye to their horrendously enormous profits, people would just have cannabis plants at home or will buy it in a store, cannabis is weed and it can grow anywhere, people would stop paying high prices for their chemical medicine (the real poisons) God made cannabis a weed so that it spreads over the earth easy and to help the world against diseases, stress, pain, etc……..Cannabis has other uses too, not related to medical or recreational…….BUT GREEDY MEN, imposed laws and defamed cannabis to maintain people slaves to pay them for their medicine (chemical poisons).
    Soon they will start new campaigns to defame cannabis even further and most people will allow them to brain wash them….. it is a whole round business manipulated by the millionaires who own big companies and become politicians to impose laws to protect themselves and their private companies or investments, they don’t care about the wellness or happiness of the rest of the world. We are all doomed.

  4. Cannabis God’s medicine there’s no reason for this plant to be illegal for anyone who needs it or wants to use it recreational as long as you’re 18 or older. I’d rather see people using cannabis it’s to use alcohol that kills people everyday. And especially tobacco

  5. Chris, you need to change your reporting from using the “Demon” word marijuana to cannibus unless it quote or source. I know it’s hard to do, but calling it what it is instead of what is was might be able to get people to think different.

  6. Cannabis is illegal because as Mr. Trump said of his opponent, “The fix is in!”

    There was & still it’s true, no honest reason to prohibit cannabis. Not a one. Except for kids of course unless there is a medical issue. Parents of kids that need the medicine cannabis provides can be given canna oil.

    Why can’t lawmakers remember that prohibitions don’t work…????

    Adults should be left to their own discretion. Cannabis needs to be free from all controls for adults because it is a medicinal herb, not a dangerous synthetic or over processed drug like coke, meth or heroin.

    Though not an R I am conservative & freedom lover. I soon to be 69. Made it through the 60’s addiction free & I intend to go out that way in the next 20-30 years. 😉 I am as you can tell, also an optimist.

    medMUser aka SamFox