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Popular Jam Band to Headline 2016 NH Hempfest


Now in its fourth year, 2016 NH Hempfest and Freedom Rally is starting to look like one of the better festivals in the state of New Hampshire. NH Hempfest will be at its new venue this year, Rogers Campground in Lancaster. The campground is located in the Presidential Mountain Range of the Great White Mountain National Forest. Rogers Campground offers motel rooms, cabins, and RV rentals. There are also camping amenities with showers and bathrooms, a pool, nature trails and a water slide.     

Making their debut at this year’s NH Hempfest and Freedom Rally is national touring act Dopapod. Dopapod is labeled as a mixture of funk, jam and jazz. Although the band formed as a grassroots college band back in 2007, they have really come into their own in the past four or five years. In the past few years, the band has solidified themselves as mainstays in the Jam Band Festival scene while staying as humble and as true to their indie fan base as when they first started playing music in their college dorm rooms in Boston. Since releasing albums Redivider in 2012 and Never Odd or Even in 2014, their popularity in the jam scene has increased significantly. The band has received positive reviews from the likes of the Huffington Post, Jambase, and Relix. In the past four years, Dopapod played over 150 shows – including big name festivals like Wakarusa, Summer Camp, Electric Forest, Camp Bisco, Peach Fest, and Gathering Of the Vibes.

Bluegrass band Twiddle, a festival fan favorite, will be returning to NH Hempfest for 2016. To mainstream festival-goers, NH Hempfest landing national headliners might not seem like much at all. But for those of us who also enjoy smaller local festivals, it’s nice to see when more widely known bands decide to play at them and help their cause. There are many other bands and artists making the 2016 NH Hempfest lineup in a wide vary of musical styles to please the ears of almost any cannabis consumer – from reggae, to blues rock, to improvisational EDM (aka “Jamtronica”) to hip-hop to a Tool tribute band.

In addition to the music, Hempfest attendees can see live glass blowing and painting, tribal dancers and performance art. There will also be a body painting competition with artists and models from all over New England displaying their artwork on a natural canvas. 20 cannabis activist speakers will also be in attendance to spread the good word about legalization. The 2016 NH Hempfest and Freedom Rally will be held August 25th-28th.


  1. We wanted to thank you for the article and appreciate the work you did to expose our event to a national audience. The bands we have placed in the event all have a place in the Festival scene. Cannabis Now has us on their Top 10 Marijuana Business Events of 2016 and we certainly appreciate the support. Thank you very much and we look forward to unleashing New England’s Best of the Best Festivals of 2016 Au 25-28 at Roger’s campgrounds in Lancaster, NH 🙂 <3