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Regrow Announces Further Growth of Advisory Board With Appointment of Randall Patten


Regrow (the “Company”), the premier supply chain management cloud platform designed specifically for the cannabis industry, announced today the appointment of Randall Patten to its advisory board. Patten has 26 years of proven experience in leading companies to success in the cannabis space, including serving as co-founder of Canndescent and owner of Patten Horticulture. 

Currently serving as President of Torabis Group, Patten will lend his expertise to Regrow’s development and market saturation goals alongside key technology and cannabis experts previously appointed to the Company’s strategically formed advisory board

“Randall has spent years perfecting cannabis cultivation methodologies that he leveraged to support the success of what is now a flagship California luxury cannabis brand,” said Regrow CEO Rob Woodbyrne. “We look forward to incorporating Randall’s insight into our rapidly evolving growth strategy as we can continue to cater to the needs of operators on the frontlines of this multi-billion dollar market.” 

Designed by software engineers and experienced technology executives, the Regrow software service allows cultivators to analyze performance metrics of their strains, formulations, harvests, workforce, pest management tasks, vendors and monitor environmental measures to increase the efficiency of their operation. This service allows cultivators to fully configure the metrics that matter most to their business, such as the cost per gram in production, time to market and overall increased yield and margins. The Regrow software eliminates the manual recording of tasks that contributes to costly human error, which allows for measurable profitability gains across an organization.

“I look forward to working alongside a team of expert advisors to support established operators and driven entrepreneurs to utilize a technology platform that provides insight into their business beyond traditional seed to sale tracking software systems,” said Patten. “As the cannabis market becomes increasingly competitive, it is imperative for operators to utilize workflows that allow them to use real-time data to inform crucial business decisions.”

For more information on Regrow visit regrow.io or to be a part of Regrow’s limited phase one launch contact info@regrow.io.

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Regrow is the premier cloud-based supply chain management platform designed specifically to help cannabis organizations manage their inventory, increase their yields, maximize their canopy space, automate workflows, manage their workforce, and ensure documented compliance in all areas of the supply chain. Designed by software and process experts passionate about cannabis and helping scale the industry, the Regrow platform helps companies automate manual tasks, reduce costs, avoid supply shortages, and create dynamic workflows that help to maximize yields and increase profitability. Driven by a core “continuous improvement” philosophy, the Regrow platform is configurable to specific business needs and easily adaptable to a company’s scaling objectives, offering prescriptive solutions while conforming to unique business requirements.