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Start-up Company Offers Cannabis-Friendly Meal Kits


As we continue to witness, along with legal cannabis comes the normalization of its use in everyday life and in various emerging niches of the industry. One of those niches is cannabis baking kit delivery services. Meal-kit delivery services have become extremely popular in recent years, becoming a multi-billion-dollar business. Blue Apron alone made more than $750 million in 2016.

A plethora of gourmet cannabis-infused foods and beverages have popped up in legal states like Colorado. Despite the popularity of both meal kit services and cannabis edibles, there have surprisingly been few companies who combine the two. A start-up called The Baking Supply Co. would like to change that and capitalize on a market need. At this time, they can only provide the meals and not the cannabis itself. While they might be able to include the cannabis in their kits if laws change in the future, for now they do include “digital herbal butter guides”, which are instructions for infusion and dosing.

On August 15th 2017, the start-up launched a 40-day campaign with the hopes of earning enough funding to bring their baking meal boxes to shelves. The Baking Supply Company’s healthy snack meal boxes will likely be very attractive to medical patients who would rather not eat sugary cannabis edibles. They plan to instead provide baking meal kits that are packed with nutrients while still delivering the benefits of the cannabis plant.

Due to legal restrictions on sending cannabis through the mail, the company is unable to infuse their meal kits with cannabis themselves. As we continue to peel back the layers of marijuana prohibition, we should see these things change. If people are able to legally mail a specific amount of alcohol, why should doing so with cannabis be prohibited in appropriate states?

Even with the restrictions that remain within legal herb states, The Baking Supply Company is responding to market signals. Cannabis consumers have made it clear that they want more options when it comes to edibles, especially homemade weed dishes.

The start-up has raised 22% of their flexible target goal, with a month remaining on the campaign. There are interesting perks available for the various donation levels, if you’d like to contribute to this innovative idea. The Baking Supply Company plans to have their products and services available by October 2017.

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