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Strain Review: Bubble Gum

Sweet and Sticky


Bubble Gum is a long-time favorite of many originating in Indiana in the 70’s. From there the strain made it around the country and even out to Holland in the early 90’s. There the strain was bred with a potent and unknown indica strain that gives it the nearly perfect hybrid look and effect that we have come to know and love.

What You Should Expect

This strain is definitely one that boasts it’s hybrid blend with shorter plants like that of an indica, but sometimes the buds themselves are looser and more like that of a sativa. The plants themselves and the buds are always a very vibrant green that cannot be missed, painted with shades of orange throughout the buds and “frosted” in a white powdery resin, these buds are not ones to pass up.

When it comes to the taste of the plant it definitely has the super sweet flavor that has long been associated with Bubble Gum and other hybrids of this stain. That sweet taste is exactly what you expect when you first smell these buds – which are so potent that an air tight container is definitely recommended. When smoked, you will find that this bud offers a greatly euphoric effect, followed by relaxation and reduced stress levels.

Medical Benefits of Bubble Gum                        

Due to the nature of this strain it is perfect for a multitude of different conditions. The more sativa dominant strains are perfect for creating an uplifted mood, reducing stress and anxiety and relieving depression. If you suffer from any sort of mental illness a strain like this one might be just what the doctor ordered after all… Right?

Since this strain has a tendency to get more intense the closer you get to it wearing off, it may be better suited for evening and night time use. It has the potential for effects such as the munchies (perfect for anyone with loss of appetite) and couch-lock. So if you were planning on being productive the day you get some of this, you may want to complete your work first!

Overall this is an excellent choice in medicine with so many perfectly blended characteristics. It makes for a treatment that can help you manage all your symptoms in one go, rather than taking something to aid each individual symptom as it arises.

Choosing the right strain for you might prove to be difficult – especially with so many options out there. Bubble Gum has been a consistent favorite ever since it was first discovered in the 70s. Since then, it has traveled around and become one super plant, ready to take on all your aches and pains.