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Streamlining Delivery Set up


RAIR saves up to 12.5 hours per week or 650 hours per year on delivery set up.

Let’s face it, delivery set up and infrastructure can be frustrating to create for small to medium-sized businesses. From managing your fleet to dealing with customers and drivers, delivery can be a time and energy drain if not done well. But what if instead of having to carve up a large portion of your day and coordinate logistics, there was an opportunity to improve and streamline your operations so you can focus on long-term growth? RAIR, a cannabis cultivator with dispensaries across Michigan, was looking to improve their delivery operations by improving their customer communication and organizing their delivery data. 

RAIR needed the ability to digitally collect customer data including signatures and customer IDs, a key feature for state compliance. They also needed software that provided them with advanced route optimization, real time driver tracking, proof of delivery, analytics and customer communications. Many of the other delivery management software options that RAIR considered required a lot of manual paperwork for both RAIR and their customers. 

When RAIR needed a hand with their delivery management operations, Onfleet was able to help streamline operations and cut down on delivery set up time by 85%.

In December 2020, RAIR integrated Onfleet’s delivery management software, and sent Corporate Delivery Manager Nicholas Hughes out on the first run using the new system to collect digital signatures. It was a huge success. “Capturing these digital images allowed us as managers to go back and see that this data was being collected appropriately and professionally, and it was being used for its intended purposes,” says Hughes. 

How did the roll out go? By seamlessly integrating with RAIR’s point-of-sale system, providers like Onfleet can save companies like RAIR more than 650 operational hours per year. By using last mile delivery management software such as Onfleet, a task is automatically created and assigned to a driver as soon as an online order comes in. It saves tons of time, not only for drivers, but for anybody else who’s involved in the delivery process. It is no longer necessary to map the delivery location, plan a route, assign a driver, follow up with customer alerts, and collect customer feedback. 

RAIR can also see how drivers are doing and recognize outstanding employees with Onfleet’s ability to track customer feedback and report on how often drivers were able to complete the job within the promised timeframe. RAIR’s customers are very thankful to know exactly when the delivery driver will arrive and don’t have to wait around for a long period of time. 

In the future, as state laws allow, RAIR plans to expand business into an Amazon-style service. “Once the laws get around to us being able to do hubs, we plan to be the one-stop shop for snacks and cannabis,” says Hughes. “The more we can offer, the better experience for the customer. We have a pretty bold customer promise. Not all cannabis is created equal. That’s what makes us RAIR.” Hughes says that RAIR’s focus on products and customers builds relationship loyalty, which is key to its overall success. With Onfleet, RAIR can forget about the hassle of managing fleet and delivery set up and focus on what’s important: their product and customers. 

By utilizing last mile delivery management software providers like Onfleet, RAIR saves up to 12.5 hours each week in delivery set up. This software also provides advanced route optimization, dispatching, real time driver tracking, proof of delivery, analytics and customer communications. These features provide an important backbone for any delivery service and allow providers to get the most out of their fleet, without massive headaches or breaking the bank. What should companies do if they are still managing their fleets the old fashioned way? Last mile delivery software providers offer the ability to take their delivery services to the next level.