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THC-Infused Gummy Candy, Cannabis Chocolate, and Marijuana Brownies

THC-Infused Gummy Candy

This time of year, we all tend to do a little more baking and cooking than usual. The holidays are a time to gather with friends and family, and entertaining guests, holiday parties, etc. comes with the need for food, treats, and desserts to share. 

Whether you need a last minute homemade gift idea for the marijuana lover in your life, or just something new to share with guests at your holiday party, cannabis-infused edibles are a great option. They are also surprisingly easy to make. Yes, many of these edibles are commercially available, but why settle for store-bought when you can make your own? Or maybe you live in an area where these kinds of treats aren’t readily available. Either way, this is a great time of year to experiment with some cannabis in the kitchen. 

A word of caution… always start slow when it comes to edibles, especially if you have never tried them before. It’s also important to make sure any infused treats are marked as such, so that any guests know what they are consuming. Edibles look very similar, if not identical, to their non-infused counterparts, so it’s crucial for everyone’s safety to make everyone aware that these treats are “special”. 

Marijuana Gummy Candy

Weed gummies need some sort of tincture or oil to infuse them with cannabis. This particular recipe uses cannabis-infused coconut oil. There is a great deal of room for customization with gummies, as you can make them in almost any shape or flavor you can think of. You can also use food coloring to make them festive holiday colors as well. 

Cannabis Chocolates

These cannabis chocolates are a great option for those just beginning their cannabis cooking journey. The chocolate isn’t made from scratch, so all you are doing is infusing chocolate chips or melting wafers. You can also pick your infusion method, which gives you a few choices for trying to see what you like best. You can find molds for making chocolates in all kinds of holiday shapes and different sizes, which would make these a great addition to your holiday candy trays.

Classic Weed Brownies

When you say “edible” to almost anyone, the first thing that usually comes to mind is good ol’ fashioned pot brownies. This recipe includes directions for making your own cannabutter, as that is the key ingredient and what makes these brownies magical.