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The Best Glass Blunt Of 2020

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What makes the best glass blunt superior to the many others? It’s more than a few reasons, but the first is the efficiency that makes it easy to smoke weed for those who do not know how to roll. Secondly, the material used is safe for people. This new modern cannabis smoking device also saves your lungs from joint papers and tobacco wraps. Read our review on what we consider to be the best glass blunt for 2020. 

A few judging criteria that we took into consideration were price, materials, and of course hitting efficiency. Just like most marijuana smoking devices it’s important to keep up with cleaning the Glass Blunt. It’s possible it can get clogged with the marijuana resin, but the same can be said with other pipes – especially if you’re a heavy user and intend to blow through ounces with it. 

What We Liked About This New Type Of Weed Pipe


Besides its portability and the convenience factor of this new modern type cannabis pipe, we found another use for it that blew us away! It can attach to a bong and make the best bowl for it! Imagine a 2.2 packed bong bowl, it’s going to go around for a while! This is a metal free glass blunt pipe, which leaves no questions about whether there is dangerous metals in the material. The price for this Glass Blunt is an affordable $29.99, and it will pay for itself with the savings on joint papers and tobacco wraps. 

How To Use A Glass Blunt

We do not recommend using a lighter and inhaling at the same time when using any type of pipe or glass blunt. This risks the chance of putting the fumes of the lighter fluid into your lungs, and weed just doesn’t taste good with this extra bitter flavor. Instead we recommend buying an organic hemp wick from Hemp Wick Bee Line. They offer a high quality hemp wick that’s going to burn slow and provide you a hit off the Glass Blunt with only the flavor of your weed. 

How To Clean A Glass Blunt Pipe

It’s very simple to clean the Glass Blunt Pipe, simply use rubbing alcohol and leave it to soak for a while. Afterwards, easily remove cannabis resin with a paper towel. Lastly, rinse off the rubbing alcohol once all of the cannabis resin has been removed.  We recommend letting your Glass Blunt completely dry before using it. 

5 Star Overall Rating Of The GlassBlunt.com Pipe

We were impressed with the flavors we got with our weed with this pipe and an organic hemp wick. Experience pure cannabis smoke with nothing extra, just the terpenes of the strain you’re smoking. It’s recommended to use a grinder that’s going to finely ground your cannabis, and then stuff the pipe with it. The more stuffed with cannabis and less air, the better the burn. It’s the best as a bong attachment because of the water filtration.

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