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The Chewy Herb Grinder

Detail of a marijuana grinder

Everyone has their preferences – and for many situations a good grinder is a must-have item for any marijuana user, whether it be medicinal or recreational. Traditional grinders can be tricky – bud can escape when you’re removing the lid, they get gunked up quickly with resin and sticky flower residue, and they aren’t exactly discreet to use on-the-go.

While there are many people who still prefer packing a whole bud into the bowl and burning it down, others have found that grinding their herb is more beneficial. It allows the herb to burn or be vaporized evenly, ensuring you get the most out of each bowl pack.

Since the herb can come with a  pretty steep price tag for higher grade strains, it makes sense that one would want to make the most of each bowl pack – and face it, grinders are messy and scissors just don’t cut it (I know, I know…). I’ve heard of using an electric coffee grinder, but that could quickly turn your flower into dust as fine as keef if you aren’t careful.

One Indie company claims to have found the solution – and it’s the Chewy Herb Grinder. It’s an amazing handheld, electric grinder with the sole purpose of grinding up buds quickly and efficiently – with technology so easy anyone can use it.

The Chewy is a patented piece of machinery created by a team of well-educated designers with a dream product in mind. They have really thought of everything with this neat little device. It is small and easily portable, running off of a 9 volt battery. It’s truly as simple as 1, 2, 3 – put the herb in, press the button, pack your piece whether it be a pipe, a paper or a vape – your herb will be perfectly ground up each time.

There is a forward and reverse button on the Chewy in case you ever run into a bud that seems too tough or clogs the way. (If you’ve ever used this function to un-clog a paper shredder, it would work essentially the same way.) The bud comes out in a small, finely ground pile – and the way it’s designed you can hold the device your packing in one hand and grind up and fill it with the Chewy in the other.

Unfortunately, this technology is not quite available to the public – yet. That can be helped though! It cost $35, but you can help fund this project and claim ownership of one of the first Chewy’s available!

The more you can afford to donate, the better a reward you get as a backer. If you can’t afford it, then share this article or their page – after all, not everyone has resources and funds at their disposal to start a company like this one – but this piece of technology should be available to everyone who consumes cannabis flowers.