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The Cutest Crop Dogs of Instagram

© Stock Pot Images / Greg Peterson

These are some cannabis canines at their finest. Take a look at these pups, who are clearly comfortable around their owners’ plants. A cute compilation of cannabis crop dogs, the pictures below are purely for your puppy viewing pleasure!

Baby Arnold dares you to mess with his dad’s crop:

#babyarnold#gangaguarddogs #cropdog

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This cutie, Kora, keeps her humans on task:

This American Eskimo is guarding her greens:

This Pitbull named Bear is a sweetheart, if you keep your hand where this crop dog can see them!

Possibly the cutest crop dog in training, this Blue-nose Pitbull is guarding their home grow:

Crop dog in training #cropdog #bluenosepit #pitlove #puppy #originalcontent #marijuana #growseason #growyourown

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Another contender for the cutest crop dog out there, this pup is showing love for the plant at an early age:

He's not even 8 weeks old and he already loves cannabis #cropdog #puppiesofinstagram #outdoor2016 #myboy

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Don’t be too jealous of this dog, who clearly found his life’s calling: