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The Head Shop That is All About Art

Sponsored by Headdies


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online head shops selling everything from bongs to dab equipment to rolling papers. There are so many that sometimes it seems impossible to tell one from another; they all blend together in a cacophony of colored glass and slogans.

But the folks at Headdies strive to stand out and be different. Sure, you can find great water pipes and dab rigs at Headdies, but they are trying to offer something more: Support for the art that goes into making pipes in the U.S.

“At Headdies we support the American pipe art movement,” they say on their website. “It is our hope that pipe art will one day be universally viewed and accepted as a legitimate art form.”

“True art has always been embraced by some and misunderstood by others. Every art movement has started out underground before being accepted by the mainstream.”

Plenty of that art is on display in the beakers, bubblers and water pipes at Headdies. But you can find something else at Headdies that shows just how on the cutting edge of technology they are: A 3D-printed “Dabvac,” a water pipe adapter for premium e-juice and concentrates that features surgical grade latex.

It’s true that there are many head shops online, and many that have great products. But few stand for something like Headdies. “True art is incendiary, provoking, and controversial,” they say.

“But whether supporter or detractor, champion or critic, our voices are equal. No single opinion should be taken as fact, and no one group has the power to label art or determine beauty.”

Headdies does more than just sell pipes and rolling papers. They support “freedom of speech, ideas and expression.” That kind of support seems lacking in some areas of our society these days.