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The Missing Opportunity in Cannabis Retail Advancement

The Open Dør

Over a dozen U.S. states have cannabis licensing opportunities for stakeholders in 2021, with additional markets expected to advance legalization reforms this year. This rapid industry growth has inspired business innovation in the dispensary retail sector. But, there is something missing from advancing retail in the cannabis space that has already been applied to countless industries: the traditional turnkey franchise model.

New franchise organization, The Open Dør, is bringing a traditional turn-key franchise model to the cannabis industry helping stakeholders and business owners enter the market faster and with more efficiency. The company is mitigating risk by providing a full suite of support services across real estate, zoning, regulatory compliance, and operational best practices. Oftentimes, new investors or independent dispensary operators must work through regulatory complexities alone or consider a merger or acquisition to gain valuable resources and support. As a national brand, The Open Dør is helping license holders, “work for themselves, but not by themselves.”  By providing proven methods and infrastructure for success, cannabis stakeholders are able to avoid the pain points and complex regulatory environment of the industry. 

The Open Dør offers a seamless model that incorporates state-specific solutions. This allows operators to expand with the national brand as multi-state opportunities become available. 

Available in states with legalized cannabis, franchisees are given architecture and floor plan guides, decor packages, access to technology contracts, training materials for staff, marketing programs, and co-promotion campaigns with selected brands. The Open Dør also provides on-going franchise support with its continued education, benchmark success metrics, and compliance guidance. 

International franchisor Kathryn Blackwell co-founded The Open Dør after recognizing a need to incorporate traditional franchising guidance into the cannabis space. The dispensary retail model is customized for license holders, allowing them to bypass the learning curve of opening a dispensary and enter the market faster with more efficiency. 

“Franchising is a way to provide an operator with proven operational procedures, stability, a consistent experience, professional expertise, support, safety, and reliability. A majority of these necessary business practices were missing from many of the independent dispensaries I had visited. I knew there would be significant value by bringing the traditional franchise model to the cannabis industry. Plus, with my co-founder and COO, Chelsea Mulligan’s compliance expertise and the zoning and real estate background of our strategic partner, Bryan McLaren of Zoned Properties, we created a complete package that removes the complexities of cannabis and puts dispensary owners at ease,” said Kathryn Blackwell CEO and Co-Founder of The Open Dør.

This modern cannabis retail model is also a significant value to investors and townships. Cities can rely on a consistent and compliant retail environment that will benefit the business community and put residents at ease. Cannabis investors have the opportunity to streamline initial financing and focus on growth versus risk with The Open Dør’s comprehensive plans and ongoing guidance from its leadership trio.
Information on franchise opportunities and services are available at TheOpenDor.com.