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The New Age of Cannabis

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For thousands of years, humans have been searching for ways to optimize individual and social well-being. Ancient Ayurvedic medicines, spiritual practices, political movements, medical sciences, fitness programs, mindful consciousness training, all appear to be universal wellness aspirations of the human condition. The pursuit of wellness seems to be built into every single one of us.

The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as “the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.” We call this the Wellness Lifestyle and we believe that cannabis has the potential to uniquely support holistic health by balancing body, mind and spirit.

For decades, we have been hearing anecdotal evidence of the incredible benefits cannabis can provide in support of wellness: taking the edge off of a difficult day, opening up a sense of connection to the earth and each other, lowering the barriers to intimacy, increasing empathy, reducing pain, enhancing mindful engagement, defeating insomnia and much more. No other plant comes close to the breadth of benefits that cannabis seems to provide. And now, with the changing legal landscape, every day we see new credible studies showing how cannabinoids are helping with a variety of conditions, such as fibromyalgia, dementia, lung cancer, arthritis, anxiety, pain, PTSD and more.

The deeper we, at Resonate, dive into the science of unlocking the capabilities of this plant, the more we respect its power, not only as a whole plant but in all of its isolated characteristics. We believe that its power as a continuing support for whole-life wellness will be accessible to us through careful, precisely calibrated cannabis products. Whether you use it to go have a blast, awaken personal spirituality, inspire you, love your lover or to heal what pains you, this powerful plant offers a range of beneficial experiences erasing the artificial distinction between recreational and medicinal. Since the science is young and the art of crafting refined targeted experiences is just emerging, we established our core mission as “mastering the art of experience.” We design, formulate, test, and control every aspect of manufacturing with enormous precision supported by science and passion.

In order for people to confidently embrace the value of cannabis to enrich their lives, they need to have access to predictable, calibrated, well-targeted experiences. They need to trust what they are putting into their bodies and the impact it will have on them. Most readers here already know about the entourage effect and how components of the cannabis plant work together synergistically to create uniquely powerful characteristics. We have learned through experience that a 1% shift in a formulation can create a radical difference in the nature of the experience. That has driven us to focus our development on precisely calibrated cannabis formulas. We built our first brand Koan on this discipline (@koan.life on Instagram).

We approach creating an experience as a blank canvas on which we paint. We are fascinated and inspired by how many distinct and beneficial formulas can be created using this ancient and sacred plant. We encourage people to use these formulations intentionally as a guidepost to help show the way. We believe that our formulations are extraordinary, but in fact, the active ingredient is you! 

For health, convenience and to add a touch of magic, our products, called Cordials, are offered in tiny 1/3 of an ounce elegant bottles of precisely-calibrated formulas, using proprietary emulsification processes, that can be taken as single sip like a tincture or poured into the drink of your choice. Backed by two patents pending, we have six formulations: Calm, Balance, Create, Delight, Play and Wonder with Sleep and Love soon to be released. Imagine having your favorite beverage help you achieve the mood and sense of well-being you choose. That is not science fiction, that is available today. Find what you are looking for. (https://www.facebook.com/koan)

We are seeing the beginning of the new age in cannabis. There is a great coalescence around national acceptance and legalization at a time when we, as a culture seem, unable to agree on virtually anything else. Perhaps this is another indication of the healing power of this plant. More enlightened governments all over the planet are allowing access and support for legitimate science and research and are just now beginning to rediscover the potential of plant medicine.

We are excited to see normalization finally happening and quickly. We recently presented our unique Koan Cordial products at the invitation only Cannabis Meets Luxury Conference in New York and were fortunate to receive the Gold Leaf Best New Brand Award. We believe that we received this award because we are aligned with a movement that sees this ancient and sacred plant as a powerful tool in support of a growing movement to enrich human life. Our company and others were founded to make available the amazing benefits of this plant. By helping people understand that taking advantage of the properties of cannabis supports a universal human aspiration – – the quest for wellness.

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