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The Slab Hour with DC Cannabis Subculture Icon, Phone Homie


Fresh off of a trip judging the Chalice competition in California, Phone Homie — a D.C. cannabis icon — hosts a live radio show called ‘The Slab Hour’. The weekly show is a high-energy mix of cannabis news, advocacy, and culture. Hosts Phone Homie and Ron Con broadcast live in front of a dozen friends and visitors every Sunday from Washington, D.C.

1Show Kickoff

Ron Con, left, and Phone Homie, right, kickoff each show with a montage of video clips, soundbites, and a wooden train whistle – the kind that reminds me of the one I got as a kid with my name burned into it.

2It Takes a Team

It takes a team to pull off a Slab Hour. Mike Phillips is sound engineer and video editor for the show; he makes sure all the show elements are cued up and ready for the hosts.

3Big Ben Blunt

Phone Homie was very proud of his Big Ben blunt. He said it was rolled using hundred-dollar printed rolling papers, hash, and some medicated honey. Phone Homie was quick to admit it was a counterfeit, saying that his wife wouldn’t approve of the real thing going up in smoke. “Behind every woman is a cowering man,” he said affectionately. After the show ended, the audience was invited to line up and pass it along.

4Visitor from Abroad

This audience member came all the way from Saudi Arabia to see the show. He’s temporarily stateside with a group of students. He came to the show, on his free time, after hearing about it from a friend. As a visitor from abroad, he was delighted to meet some friendly faces and learn about the D.C. cannabis scene.

5Slab Hour

It’s called Slab Hour for a reason, as Phone Homie is a connoisseur of the cannabis and dab subcultures. His tagline is, “One small dab for man, one giant slab for mankind!” 

6Lighting Up

Phone Homie and his audience light up both bud and oils throughout the hour-long program. The host “aims to bring awareness to the positivity of legalization through experiences in his heady travels.”

7A Beacon of Peace and Hope

Nicknamed Phone Homie from his heady travels, he is “on an endless search to establish community,” and says, “Phone Homie is a beacon of peace and hope bridging gaps between traditional boundaries and creating proximity where distance once thrived.”

8DC Scroger

During a short break, DC Scroger, right, and Phone Homie, left, hit it off. DC Scroger is nicknamed for the scrogging growing technique. Both the DC Scroger and Phone Homie are leaders of the D.C. cannabis subculture and often bring together the Washington Metropolitan area for award ceremonies and cannabis acts of kindness.

9DJ A Boogey

DJ A Boogey works the turntable for the show. He’s a staple in the DC community and performs at events around the Washington Metro area regularly.

10DC Grower’s Cup Award

Phone Homie holds the DC Grower’s Cup Award for best Indica. The awards ceremony is an event that celebrates the legal use and growth of cannabis in the District of Columbia with friendly competition between local growers.

11The Sovereignty Rig

A kind dabber shares his highly coveted glass rig that retails for around a thousand dollars. The Sovereignty rig was a big hit among audience members.

12A Friendly, Supportive Atmosphere

The hosts encourage participation in the slab hour, and audience members are much obliged to smoke and vape. For those who medicate or use recreationally, Phone Homie creates a friendly, supportive atmosphere during his show.

13Tarantula Joint

An audience member shows off his Tarantula brand joint, which is a rollup of weed, hash, wax, and keif, all rolled in more keif.

All images courtesy of Chloe Sommers