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The Twister Streamlines the Cannabis Trimming Process


Anyone who has ever harvested or trimmed the cannabis plant knows that the process can be a pain in the you-know-what. While there are those who enjoy the trimming process, most would probably pick to avoid it if possible. The Twister Trimmer solves these issues and then some.

Twister offers two different models: the T2 Trimmer and the T4 Trimmer. According to their website, the Twister leaf trimmer comes equipped with a powerful vacuum along with proprietary blade geometry to deliver the closest cut possible without damaging the product. A dry tumbler is available for use with models if growers prefer to trim dry. The company also sells a Twister Trimmer Feed Conveyor that ensures the Trimmer machine is constantly being fed with the right amount of flowers, which means virtually no downtime and even higher efficiency.

Some growing operations span several acres of land. These types of growers need to get pounds trimmed in a fast and efficient way to prevent nasty things like mold. These types of machines help streamline processes and reduce cost.

Detractors say that machines like the Twister Trimmer degrade the quality of the product by beating up trichomes and that hand trimming is the best way to go to ensure the best buds. Opponents of using machines like the Twister Trimmer also contend that these devices reduce the amount of jobs available in the cannabis industry. But as we’ve discussed before many times, the amount of jobs in the cannabis market continues to grow exponentially. Not to mention, these machines do not completely reduce the need for workers. There is still a need for quality control specialists to make sure the buds are as uniform as possible as they come down the conveyor belt. Large scale grows can have several machines going simultaneously, sometimes employing up to a dozen workers.

Besides, growers are not forced to use these machines and consumers are not forced to buy products that have been put through these machines. That’s the great thing about the legal cannabis market – consumers get to choose what they like best, and companies get to choose what works best for their business.

Have you used a Twister Trimmer or similar product or know someone who has? What are your thoughts on machines like these? Do they strip the plants of their trichomes and degrade the quality of the buds, or is there not much of a difference?

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