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This December, Clean-Grow Cannabis Cultivator Autumn Brands Introduces a Nourishing 100% Vegan Muscle and Joint Salve That Combines Nature’s Most Potent Elements for Pain-Relief, Relaxation, and More

New Autumn Brands Salve delivers an infusion of 100% full-spectrum cannabis oil blended with soothing arnica and the highest amount of magnesium on the market to reduce stress and restore calm


This December, gift and experience a new nourishing salve from Autumn Brands that delivers the targeted pain relief and deep muscle relaxation of 100% full spectrum, estate-grown cannabis oil, plus the highest concentration of calming, all-natural transdermal magnesium available on the market. Known for their unwavering dedication to consumer safety and product purity, Autumn Brands transforms decades of family farming expertise into a modern, artisanal approach to sustainable cannabis cultivation. Now, the 50% woman-owned brand introduces its latest innovation: a locally-crafted salve made with potent THC and CBD oils gently extracted from their own 100% pesticide-free cannabis flower in a unique process that preserves the essential healing plant elements. 

“From the beginning, our philosophy has centered on harnessing the holistic healing found in chemical-free cannabis – nature’s potent plant medicine,” explains Autumn Brands Co-Founder Autumn Shelton. “This vegan salve is purposefully crafted in small batches to provide clean, plant-to-skin nourishment exactly where it’s needed, enriched with synergistic natural elements of high-grade magnesium, arnica, and pure essential oils.”

Locally crafted in small batches by Goleta’s Green Rush Alliance, LLC, Autumn Brands Nourishing Muscle + Joint Salve delivers 400mg of HTFSE-grade (High Terpene Full Spectrum) cannabis oil (ratio 1:7 THC rich). Produced through an innovative, non-volatile cold extraction process developed by the sophisticated Italian perfume industry and only available in Santa Barbara County. This method captures the distinctive terroir and delicate attributes of each sun-grown strain in a process so gentle, it doesn’t need further refining, distilling, dewaxing, or winterization. The end result is a mirror image profile of the source plant material, including the entourage of healing phytochemicals (terpenes, esters, phenolic compounds, etc) to help rejuvenate and repair. 

Anti-inflammatory CBD pairs with transdermal magnesium and soothing arnica to reduce swelling, irritation, and bruising, while THC offers targeted pain relief. Rich mineral magnesium also naturally helps to calm muscles, relieving stress for an improved sense of calm and rest. A special selection of cocoa butter, coconut, and castor oil soothes and rejuvenates skin. A proprietary blend of essential oils from Carpinteria’s The Grapeseed Company offers a light and refreshing scent to uplift and provide aroma therapeutic benefits.

Discover Autumn Brands Nourishing Muscle + Joint Salve, a luxurious healing balm made from clean, 100% full-spectrum cannabis oil, potent magnesium, and soothing arnica, available this December at AutumnBrands.com.  Visit the company’s website to locate the nearest participating dispensaries and delivery services and browse a full selection of premium flower and pre-rolls. Follow @AutumnBrands on Instagram for the latest product releases and updates.