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This Software Gives Dispensary Customers Automatic Alerts When Their Favorite Strains are in Stock


A solid way to communicate with customers and let them know about various products is one of the fundamental keys to success when it comes to retail businesses. There’s no better way to lose business than to advertise a product, then not have it when the customer shows up to purchase it. Retail cannabis locations and dispensaries are no different.

When it comes to legal cannabis sales, what attracts most patients and recreational users are individual strains – either for psychoactive effects or specific medical benefits. Just as with any store, making a trip to a retail location only to discover that they’re out of stock can be very frustrating and discouraging.

Bud tenders can promise to call or email the customer when their strain is in, but that doesn’t always work. Enter software designed by Baker Technologies.

Baker software is a web-based app that aids in communication between cannabis dispensaries and their patients and consumers. They offer ‘Strain Alerts’ services that allow dispensaries to issue automatic updates to customers who want to know when a specific product is in stock and available.

While using the Baker app, dispensaries will typically ask customers to sign up through a loyalty program and then specify what some of their favorite strains are. According to Baker, dispensaries can then let the customer know about the product’s availability with one click.

Once a customer visits the Baker website, they are able to create accounts that will give them live updates from dispensaries about inventory and availability, new products, prices, and sales. Baker offers a platform for online ordering, loyalty program strategies, the opportunity for personalized messaging and direct interaction with patients and consumers. They even provide analysis services using their international database.

Based in Colorado, Baker was formed two years ago. Since then, they’ve expanded quite a bit. They are currently serving 186 dispensaries in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts, and Hawaii. They even reach a few provinces in Canada.

As the legal cannabis industry continues to grow, so do opportunities for various software, apps, products and the like. Baker is yet another example of innovative ways that improve the cannabis customer experience and help boost the bottom line of dispensaries.

Have you tried the Baker app or know someone who has? What did you think of it? Are there other similar software options available, and are they better or worse? Let us know in the comments section.