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Three Interesting and Innovative Cannabis Niche Investments for Q2 2016


As cannabis laws and regulations continue to evolve, so do innovative cannabis businesses. In a few short years, the legal cannabis investing market has reached a level of competition that can be overwhelming for cannabis newbies. Let’s explore some promising new cannabis business investments ideas for Q2 2016.

Eaze is a delivery service for medical cannabis card-holding patients living in San Francisco. Start the app, pick a dispensary, then your strain, and how much, and boom – at your doorstep in 20 minutes. The future of the cannabis industry should definitely see apps like this arrive in other legal locations. As the industry continues to evolve, and regulations lifted, different states should finally see the acceptance of payment besides Federal Reserve Notes for cannabis: including credit card and maybe even Bitcoin.

Looking for a unique “4:20 friendly” gift for your sweetheart? Colorado Florist Buds and Blossoms has recently begun coupling traditional floral arrangements with beautiful cannabis buds for use as wedding floral arrangements. If this compelling niche cannabis business idea takes off, the future of the industry could see open cannabis bars at receptions paired with cannabis bud floral arrangements, etc., etc. Getting married for stoners has never been so awesome! Look for more businesses like this to pop up in the near future. Cannabis floral arrangements could be a money-making investment.

The main enemy of THC is light and air. Informed cannabis consumers therefore often keep their herb out of plastic baggies and tend to store it in glass jars. While this method is certainly better, light will still get into the glass jars, potentially deteriorating the quality of the buds. Moisture and relative humidity can also be a problem with glass jars. The answer?

Startup cannabis business Cannador develops stunning humidors for the herb connoisseur. The cannabis humidors created by Cannador come in a few different styles and sizes. Some of the higher end humidors feature additional stash drawers or compartments.

Cannador cannabis humidors are different from traditional cigar humidors, engineered specifically to the unique preservation specifics of the cannabis plant. Cigar humidors are meant for high humidity to preserve the tobacco. This can be devastating to preserving cannabis, however, as cannabis will grow mold at humidity that is too high. So the Cannador is designed with lower humidity in mind, but enough to preserve and sustain your cannabis. Another thing is that cigar humidors are most often lined with cedar. While this helps age and flavor the tobacco, it has a tendency to overwhelm the already amazing taste and smell of cannabis flowers. Because of this, Cannador lines the interior of cannabis humidors with solid mahogany to better allow the natural flavor of the cannabis to shine through. Look for more and more cannabis preserving products like the Cannador to emerge in the near future.

Disclaimer: While we love talking about cannabis entrepreneurship and investing in the industry,The Marijuana Times does not give investing advice. The information in this article is for discussion and education purposes only. 


  1. I am a medical marijuana patient with lots of medical marijuana patients that I help I am also on disability with two bad stomach diseases please contact me about expanding your business I think I could have some ideas that could help thank you very much