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Three Things You Can Expect at NCIA’s Cannabis Business Summit & Expo


NCIA’s 4th annual Cannabis Business Summit & Expo kicks off next week at the Oakland Marriott City Center. One of the most influential business-to-business cannabis events in the nation, this year’s event will see more than 4,500 attendees across all verticals of the cannabis industry, in what promises to be a record-breaking, sell-out year for registrations.

While the Summit has an expansive educational program, enormous expo floor, and abundant after-parties happening around town, here are the top three things you can expect from NCIA’s flagship event this year:

1. A comprehensive review of cannabis policies and reform

As the industry’s only national trade association fighting for federal cannabis reform for the legal, legitimate cannabis industry, we anticipate participating in numerous advocacy- and reform-focused discussions.

This year’s Summit kicks off with NCIA executive director Aaron Smith’s opening remarks. In past years, Aaron has taken this time to provide event attendees with a “state of the industry”-style address incorporating NCIA’s bird’s-eye view of the industry and federal reform efforts. We anticipate this year being no different, especially given the recent success of NCIA’s largest Cannabis Industry Lobby Days ever and a flurry of legislative successes on the Hill.

The Summit then goes into two full days of educational programming, including a track series titled “Policy & Reform.” In this track, attendees can dive deep on policy topics such as:

Global leaders in the drug policy reform space will share their insights, including:

  • Lori Ajax, CA Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation (CA Cannabis Czar)
  • Lindsay Robinson, Executive Director of California Cannabis Industry Association
  • Rachel Knox, M.D., Board Member of Minority Cannabis Business Association
  • Betty Aldworth, Executive Director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy
  • David Borden, Founder & Executive Director of StopTheDrugWar.orgs

There will also be a keynote panel on Taxes, 280E, and the Path to Federal Reform,” where industry veterans such as Henry Wykowski, Steve DeAngelo, Taylor West, and Michael Correia will take an in-depth look at the strategies to reform Internal Revenue Code Section 280E, as well as provide a glimpse at possible alternative federal tax models.

Want more?

This year, NCIA’s newly formed Policy Council, a committee that supports the development of cannabis industry-related policy at the federal level, will be hosting a Policy Council Luncheon & Roundtable on June 12th. Policy Council staff will provide participants with an update on the current federal policy landscape, as well as an overview of the Policy Council’s work, including the Council’s first white paper, expected to be released around the time of the Summit.

2. Unprecedented Business-to-Business Networking and Deals

If you tried to exhibit at this year’s Cannabis Business Summit & Expo, you may already know that exhibit floor space sold out back in February. Obtaining a booth at the event this year was fiercely competitive, but those who didn’t act fast enough or weren’t fortunate enough to make it off the hundreds-long waiting list have instead purchased tickets to attend to make sure their businesses are represented in Oakland.

Who can you expect to meet with on the expo floor at this year’s Summit?

Industry household names such as The Arcview Group, New Frontier Data, W Vapes, PAX, Kush Bottles and MJ Freeway (and many more) will of course be in attendance.

But some other noteworthy companies to check out include BrewBudz, YoFumo, Cova – we heard they are launching their new software at the Summit – and MadgeTech, who is set to unveil its new addition to the element series in Oakland.

The Marijuana Times will also be on site – visit us at booth A6.

3. A stronger, more united cannabis industry

Founded on the principle of power in numbers, NCIA strives to build a community at its events. Whether seasoned industry experts or newly established business owners, one common thread remains across all attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and staff: Everyone at NCIA’s Cannabis Business Summit & Expo is serious about business and serious about advocacy.

If you’ve ever attended an NCIA event, you know you leave with an afterglow once the conference concludes. You leave feeling refreshed, invigorated, and motivated after having spent the past few days with intelligent and like-minded individuals who want nothing more than to see serious progress for the legal, legitimate cannabis industry and to experience unmatched business success.

There is a positive, entrepreneurial spirit at NCIA events that you’ll only understand if you join us in Oakland.

NCIA’s Cannabis Business Summit & Expo is the only event of its size that combines industry and advocacy in a way that helps businesses succeed and encourages social entrepreneurship.

As our industry prepares to “Cultivate a New Era of Enterprise”, NCIA and The Marijuana Times invite all current, new, and prospective cannabis professionals to learn, network, and make their voices heard at the 2017 Cannabis Business Summit® & Expo. Use code MJTIMES15 to save 15% on registration before registrations sell out. Prices will increase at the door. Register here.