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Top 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Colorado and Its Cannabis Industry


The Marijuana Times took an educational, behind-the-scenes tour of Colorado to get a better understanding of the successes and roadblocks facing this budding industry. Here are 10 facts about Colorado and its cannabis industry that you probably didn’t know:

1Buddy Boy Brands care for about 1600 cannabis plants in 7 different Denver locations.

2Dixie Elixirs has a whole brand dedicated to pets called Therapis.

3Cannabis containers are childproofed.

4Representative Dana Rohrabacher (CA-R) spoke at the NCIA Cannabis Caucus in Denver.

5There is such thing as THC-infused cola.

6Wana has come out with the world’s first extended release capsules and they are available high in CBD, high in THC, and a mixture THC and CBD.


7This is what two handfuls of THC-infused sour gummies looks like.

8Hundreds gather at Civic Park outside of Denver’s State Capital to smoke cannabis at 4:20 on 4/20.

9My 420 Tours educates tourists on the different extracts and techniques to consume cannabis.

10Colorado has more than 100-thousand square miles.