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Top 3 Natural Creams to Relieve Sore Muscles and Joint Pain

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For years, the long-term effects of pharmaceutical pain medications have been well-documented. While taking over the counter or prescription meds for occasional pain won’t put you at risk, regular use can have consequences for your overall health. If you suffer from localized chronic pain or recurring aches, using conventional pain medication may not be the best idea for you. That does not mean you should forgo treatment altogether, but instead, find natural solutions that provide pain relief without any of the long-term side effects.

If the pain is an everyday thing, then it’s time to consider a proven natural solution. Here are the top three natural pain creams to get you started with your all-natural pain management treatment:

Menthol Pain Cream

Creams formulated with menthol are by far the most popular topical products for pain. The reason for the ubiquitous presence of menthol in analgesics is its natural ability to trigger cold-sensitive receptors in the body. This interaction is responsible for the cooling sensation menthol products generate when inhaled, eaten, or applied directly to the skin. Even though menthol doesn’t cause an actual change in temperature, by activating cold receptors, it can help momentarily numb the pain where it is applied. It’s also important to note that topical menthol pain cream does not reduce inflammation of tissues or muscles, nor does it influence the original cause of pain.

Menthol products can be found almost anywhere, from supermarkets to corner stores and pharmacies. The most common menthol products include those formulated for recovery purposes, such as cold/hot topical solutions, tiger balm, and pain-relieving patches.

CBD Pain Relief Rub

This hemp-derived supplement has been gaining a reputation as a go-to pain reliever thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory properties. In the last decade, millions have turned to full spectrum CBD for pain related to a number of conditions, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and sciatica. Even some athletes and fitness experts are raving about the soothing benefits of CBD, with many of them endorsing organic CBD pain cream as a must-have item in your gym bag.

CBD works by interacting with pain receptors in our systems, where its anti-inflammatory benefits help reduce muscle and joint inflammation in the areas where the cream is applied. As opposed to menthol and other menthol-based topical solutions, CBD pain cream does not leave any sticky residue behind, and it does not have the pungent smell associated with most pain creams.

If you are looking for the latest in natural treatments for pain, CBD is a perfect choice. For a complete treatment pair your CBD pain relief rub with oral CBD oil, which can provide similar results without having to apply it directly on the skin.

Arnica Cream

Made with extracts obtained from the arnica plant, arnica pain cream is another commonly used treatment for pain and inflammation. Historically, the plant and its extracts have been used as an herbal medicine for centuries in cultures around the world. Arnica products are particularly popular in Europe, where the plant is cultivated on a large scale.

While arnica can provide an all-natural solution to pain, the plant has many detractors due to its toxicity, which can cause allergic reactions in some users. If you are considering arnica for pain relief, it is recommended that you consult with your physician first.

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