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U.S. Hotels Now Serving CBD-Infused Room Service Food


Many hotels prohibit cannabis smoking and vaporizing, even in legal states, prompting Airbnb property to owners to capitalize. But this isn’t stopping high-end hotels from starting to cash in on the ever-increasing demand for various cannabis products. These hotels are adding to the offerings in their restaurants and mini bars by adding non-psychoactive CBD-infused food – delivered right to the guest’s hotel room.

According to a report from Moneyish, several luxury hotels in New York are now offering room service menus that feature various comfort food items, like meatballs and ice cream sundaes, infused with the cannabinoid CBD. Other hotels and restaurants in cities like New York, Denver, Seattle and Los Angeles are offering CBD-infused cocktails and multiple course dinners with a dosage of the cannabinoid as well.

“We’re always researching new ways to help our guests relax. CBD extract is proven to have calming effects, easing anxiety and stress. With it being legal in all 50 states, we knew we wanted to get involved,” said James La Russo, manager at The James Nomad hotel in New York City.

The CBD-infused food joins a growing trend that has seen people become more interested in ingesting the cannabis plant without the potential harms that come along with combustion. “Marijuana fine dining” is certainly not a new thing; in fact, cooking with cannabis has gone fairly mainstream since the plant became legal for recreational purposes in states like Colorado and Washington. Netflix is even running a show called “Cooking on High”, which is basically like Iron Chef for cannabis enthusiasts.

The offering of CBD-infused cuisine could help to serve as an eye opener for hotel guests and those dining in restaurants that might still view cannabis as strictly a psychoactive substance. As cannabis-infused foods and drinks become more commonplace, it could open more minds in the process.

It’s easy to take out the key to your hotel room, walk over to the wet bar in your room and open a small bottle of liquor that they’ll eventually charge you for. It might not be that far off that we see the same becoming true with the availability of cannabis-infused food and vaporizers.

More importantly, continuing to evolve and improve the way people eat cannabis-infused foods is also helpful to medical patients that are seeking alternatives to smoking or vaping cannabis medicine.