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Wana Brand Emerges in Nevada with CWNevada

Image Courtesy of Wana Brand

Nancy Whiteman, co-founder of Wana Brand, is a woman of her word.

In an interview with The Marijuana Times in May, Whiteman said she was hoping to have her Wana Brand products in Nevada through local partnerships for manufacturing this summer.

Her dream for the business came true through a partnership with CWNevada, a vertically integrated cannabis company operating in Pahrump and Las Vegas, Nevada. 

“Wana is known for consistent quality and reliability,” Nancy Whiteman told The Marijuana Times this past May.

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“Wana Brands is Colorado’s most popular gummie because customers know they can count on us for consistency and taste. Bringing our products to Nevada will mean that patients in the Silver State will have an option they can count on,” said Whiteman.

CWNevada said they aim to be the largest supplier of medically infused cannabis products in the state.

A top woman in weed

Whiteman is a great example and role model for businesswomen in any industry. In the canna-business sector, she was recently ranked among the most influential women by the Cannabis Business Executive (CBE), a go-to source of insider industry information for the cannabis space. 

Image Courtesy of Wana Brand

“Under Nancy’s leadership, WB established Good Manufacturing Processes to ensure consistency and quality, while also being a key component of their domestic and international expansion through licensing plan”, according to CBE.

Whiteman’s in good company; the list also includes cannabis entrepreneurs Whoopi Goldberg and Melissa Etheridge.

Setting high industry standards

As one of the leading edibles manufacturers in Colorado, Wana believes it’s their duty to raise the bar when it comes to food standards in the edibles space. Nevada is the third state where Wana Brands can be accessed, joining Colorado and Oregon.

“CWNevada is known for exceptional cultivation practices, cutting-edge facilities, and professional distribution”, added Whiteman. “Wana’s partnership with CWNevada will be the perfect way to introduce our delicious infused products to Nevada patients.”

Wana Brand believes in their values. “Not just our recipes, but how to design and move product. It’s the complete package of how business should operate and will weed out people who don’t want to comply with it,” explained Whiteman.

The company separates themselves from the pack with a testing policy that makes sure each tincture is tested for potency, even if they don’t have to under state law.

Nancy is also the edibles chair for the resource and advocacy group, the Cannabis Business Alliance.

To learn more from the edibles expert, Whiteman will be presenting “Effectively & Responsibly Marketing Edibles: From Local Success to National Expansion” at NCIA’s Seed to Sale conference on January 31, in Denver.