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What Are Three of The Smoothest Cannabis Strains?


As marijuana becomes more mainstream, breeders and growers are continuously creating new cultivars that are as varied as the individuals enjoying them. Smooth cannabis strains are highly coveted, and many consumers prefer them to harsher strains that can often result in coughing fits. Some strains have been created purely for a smoother and cleaner smoke and taste. Three strains that are known for their deliciously smooth smoke and flavor are Big Smooth, Biscotti, and Thin Mint Cookies.

Big Smooth

Aptly named, Big Smooth is a sought-after indica hybrid that is known for its flavorful and smooth smoke. It was created by Exotic Genetix through a cross between Cookies and Cream and OG Blueberry. The average THC levels for Big Smooth are between 20-25%, making it a great choice for experienced consumers to enjoy during an evening smoke session. It is a preferred strain among medical marijuana patients who suffer from anxiety, pain, and nausea. Big Smooth leaves users feeling happy, euphoric, and very relaxed. The aroma and flavor of this strain are reminiscent of blueberry pancakes, with a mix of sweet blueberries and vanilla with undertones of a rich nuttiness. 


Biscotti is a delicious and smooth indica-dominant hybrid that was reportedly created by either crossing Sour Florida OG with Gelato 25 or Girl Scout Cookies with Gelato 25. The average THC content is 20-21%, and many MMJ patients use it to relieve the symptoms of depression, pain, and stress. Many consumers say it leaves them feeling creative, happy, social, and buzzy. Biscotti’s terpene profile makes for a unique and smoothly delightful flavor similar to dessert. Those who have tried Biscotti describe it as tasting like vanilla and cookies with hints of pungent diesel. 

Thin Mint Cookies

Thin Mint Cookies, or Thin Mint, is a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies. It is not identical to Girl Scout Cookies, but it shares many of the same characteristics. It was likely created by crossing GSC with OG Kush and Durban Poison, creating a perfectly balanced hybrid cultivar. Many medical cannabis patients turn to Thin Mint Cookies to help them with appetite loss, pain, and anxiety. It leaves users feeling uplifted and euphoric as well as calm and relaxed. The flavor of Thin Mint Cookies is a delectable mix of sweet mint and a hint of menthol and the aroma is very similar.