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What’s the Significance of CBD Lotions?

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One of the most exciting things about CBD is the fact that it is extremely versatile. If there is a way that you can imagine taking CBD, there is probably a product that offers you that possibility. While some of the most discussed methods include vaping and tincture oils, there are other products on the market, such as CBD lotions. However, you may be wondering what the significance of CBD lotions is compared to other, more popular products. If you have seen CBD lotions and creams and are considering using them but are unsure about their efficacy, use this guide to learn more about what CBD lotions might be able to do for you.

What is CBD?

CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that is found in the cannabis plant. This compound belongs to a group of compounds known as cannabinoids, which are each said to have a different effect on the body. For example, the well-known cannabinoid THC causes the psychoactive ‘high’ that users experience when they smoke or ingest marijuana, among other things. While there isn’t a large body of research backing many of the claims made about CBD, it is said to have quite a few benefits. We will cover some of these benefits later in the article.

CBD in Lotions and Creams

In order to produce CBD products, CBD must be first extracted from the hemp plant and separated from the rest of the other substances that are contained within the plant as well. This extract will typically be turned into a liquid or a solid and then utilized in other products. When you purchase a lotion or a cream that utilizes CBD as its active ingredient, all you are doing is purchasing a lotion or cream that has been mixed with CBD. Besides the addition of the CBD, it is still a lotion or cream and functions as such, giving you access to a topical substance that can be directly applied to the area that needs it most.


Compared to other CBD products, CBD lotions provide users with benefits that you can’t truly find in other products. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits.

Quick Absorption

Quick absorption is something that most CBD products share, although their efficiency may change based on the way they are used. While CBD lotions are absorbed quickly, this benefit is further enhanced due to the fact that it is a product that is used for localized purposes rather than for widespread relief. If you are using CBD lotions, it is most likely because you have a condition that only affects certain areas. If this is true, CBD lotion is quickly absorbed and made to work best for your individual needs.

Spot Treating

Most products do not allow you to target certain areas. While they may be able to relieve some issues, they are not made to be used for specific places. With CBD lotions, you are able to treat yourself by applying the lotion to the places where you are experiencing most of the symptoms. If you need a product that can help you spot treat your most problematic places, you are not going to find any product better for this purpose than CBD lotions.

What It Can Help With

As we stated earlier in the article, there is not a large body of evidence regarding the true benefits of CBD. Because of this, we are unable to definitively state that CBD lotions will be able to help you with any of the issues listed below. That being said, there are quite a few people that have said they have experienced some relief when using CBD. You may be able to treat or calm some of these conditions when using CBD lotions. Many people use CBD lotions or creams because of the benefits for the skin.


Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury and it was designed to help protect the body from potential infection and start the healing process. Those who have consistent pain or certain conditions, however, may end up with constant inflammation as the body seeks to find and attack the source of the pain. Those who have conditions in which inflammation is the main symptom may be able to find some relief as CBD is said to be able to stop or ease inflammation in those who have it on a regular basis.


Although it may come as a surprise to some, acne is a condition that some believe can be treated or lessened with the help of CBD. Besides the inflammation that is experienced by those who have acne, CBD may also be able to slow down the oils that are being produced by the body as well as the overactive hormones, making it harder for your skin to produce pimples and painful lesions. CBD lotions are perfect for this use as they are applied to directly to the necessary areas on the face.

Nerve Pain

Nerve pain can be a terrible condition to have to deal with and for many, relief is needed in order to carry on with the day. CBD lotion may be able to work for this condition for two reasons. The first is that CBD is said to be able to regulate pain in general, making it potentially valuable for any condition that is relatively painful. Secondly, nerve pain may be a result of miscommunication between the brain and the nervous system. If this is the case, CBD may be able to mend some of these issues, making the effects less drastic.

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain may be caused by overuse, or it may be caused by an unknown reason, causing widespread pain and uncomfortability each day. No matter what the reason behind the pain in your muscles, CBD may be able to help you find relief simply by applying the lotion over the areas that hurt most.

CBD lotions are the perfect natural remedy for those who don’t necessarily need widespread relief. If you are looking into CBD as a potential treatment option, use the information above to learn more about CBD and why lotion may be the answer.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and educational purposes only and is not intended to reflect the views of the publication.