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Why Should You Vaporize Marijuana Instead of Smoking It?

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Marijuana plants have been smoked and vaped for thousands of years. Yes, our ancestors vaped, too. They heated up rocks in fire pits, put the herbs on them, and inhaled the vapors.

Thanks to technological innovations, we can now get a concentrated oil or wax derived from flower herbs. The vaping method has also gotten far. It’s becoming a mainstream way of consuming marijuana for medical, recreational, or any other purpose. This is happening due to the advantages of the method over smoking.

The Benefits of Vaporizing Marijuana

Getting a marijuana vaporizer is a right choice for the following 10 reasons:

  1. Ease of use. It takes time to understand how it works. But once you’re done with that, nothing will delay the moment of indulgence. Those who use their vape pens rarely charge them once in a week or two. Besides, no lighter or papers for a joint is needed. And you don’t have to mess about with an ashtray or get rid of butts.
  2. A healthier alternative. No matter what you’re smoking, it can do harm to your health. When a plant, be it tobacco or marijuana, is burning, a user is becoming exposed to a large number of toxins contained in the smoke. Vaping is not about burning. THC oil or wax is heated to the level just before combustion. It allows you to inhale pure vapor devoid of the dangerous toxins.
  3. Quicker effects. A high concentration of cannabinoids in vapor reaches the symptoms of the patients in a short span of time. This feature is especially appealing for people with chronic conditions who need instant relief.
  4. Hardly any smell. Cannabis smokers have that persistent and distinct smell that sticks to their clothes, hair, etc. Vaping leaves a light herb odor.
  5. Ease of a dose control. One of the biggest challenges with weed is dosage. It’s hard to say exactly how much you’re getting. A weed vaporizer from Vapingdaily.com allows users to consume the right amount of concentrate. The pre-dosed disposable cartridge of some devices is a life-saver for unskilled smokers.  
  6. Savings. A vape pen gives you a much more cost-effective way to get your medicine. A single filled cartridge lasts for hundreds of hits.
  7. Discreet consumption. The absence of heavy smell in comparison to combustible cannabis gives an opportunity to vape in public places where it is not banned. Electronic smoking devices are quite cig-a-like. So, people around you will rather think that you smoke a regular cigarette.
  8. No medical cannabis recommendation needed. Vape products are available to all residents in the United States that are 18 years of age and older.
  9. Better flavor. Vapers can regulate the temperature and keep it at the most comfortable point. The material is not burned, and it creates an unadulterated flavor.
  10. A better match. Many medical patients suffer from respiratory problems. Their lungs may be irritated by smoke. Vapor inhalation is the best option for them.

A study conducted in 2014 showed that people find the vaping experience better. One hundred people who tried both smoking and vaporizing pointed out several advantages of vaporizing over smoking. The leading points were the lack of smoke smell and better taste.

They also noted that the same amount of cannabis product produced more effect when being vaped. After the study, the majority of participants decided to switch to or continue vaping.

What are Wax Concentrates?

Marijuana wax has a yellow or orange color. Its structure is, well, waxy. Some of the products are rather dry; that means they are thick and porous. These are usually called “honeycomb” or “crumble”. “Budder” has more oily consistency. And the substance that is especially flat and transparent is known as “shatter”. It has a reputation as the purest and cleanest type of extract.

Why and How Do People Turn Marijuana Into Wax?

The green stuff lovers and its developers are obsessed with wax marijuana product for the one major reason – it’s really strong. That’s why wax is so pricey. In California, for example, a gram retails for $70-$100. Of course, the price depends on quality.

Wax is made from marijuana concentrate. It’s a hash oil matter that is created through a process known as butane extraction. That’s why these products are also called butane hash oil, or BHO. As a result, manufacturers get the strongest possible form of THC, as some go up to 99% THC.

Wax Vaporizers

Since you know what wax is and what benefits vaping can bring, it’s high time to try it.

You’ll need a marijuana vape pen. The device has a battery and heating coil. Load your concentrates into the chamber where it will be turned into vapor after a click of a button.

Vaporizers for wax come in various sizes and shapes. Usually, they look like a pen. It makes the gadget a portable option so that you can use it on the go.

Tips on Vaporizing Marijuana

Trying a cannabis vaporizer may seem a bit scary, especially if you are used to only puffing on your joints. Some people decide to try vaping, but lack a general knowledge on how to reach a flawless experience and make common mistakes. So, they end up throwing away an e-cig, regretting wasted money, and smoking marijuana in a habitual way. Here’re a few tips that might be helpful to you:

  • Don’t mix flowers if your vaporizer is only for “crumble” or “shatter”. If you want a universal device, there are specific units that are appropriate for using herbs as well as concentrates.
  • Don’t let your wick or coil in the atomizer dry. Make sure it’s always juiced up.
  • Even if your chamber is quite capacious, don’t overstuff it. Leave some room for airflow from the atomizer.
  • When choosing a vaporizer, remember that price does matter. A cheap product won’t meet your best expectations. If you can afford an expensive device, good for you. If not, get the one that cost an average price but perfectly meets your requirements and enjoy your vaping practice!

Final Words

For now, with a basic knowledge, a little research, and proper use, investing in a vape pen may be the best choice for a marijuana enthusiast. All the benefits listed above will follow. It’s just a matter of time.

About the Author: Phyllis Baker is the blogger specializing in lifestyle and health issues. Currently, she is interested in quitting smoking and alternative medicine.