Home Culture Women in Weed Bring Together Wellness and Cannabis in Washington, D.C.

Women in Weed Bring Together Wellness and Cannabis in Washington, D.C.


Sabria Still and Jamee Garland, who goes by Poncho Popcorn, are using their connections to all things political and cannabis to form the Cannabis Industry Advising. One of the first all-female consulting agencies in the Washington Metropolitan area, the two women cannabis activists are using their time in politics and the cannabis business community to help those interested in getting involved in DC’s pot industry.

1Cannabis Can Enhance Yoga

A man and woman practice yoga on the lawn in Washington DC. According to Jessica Rodgers, cannabis may enhance your yoga experience.

2DC Wellness Solutions

DC Wellness Solutions is a company focused on cannabis and wellness. Through health coaches and consultations, the company aims to provide health and cannabis coaches to clients. At the networking event, they were teaching onlookers about terpenoid smells and therapeutic effects. 

3Holistic Healing

Tarica Danielle is a Holistic Healer, she’s a licensed massage therapist, and loves to use aromatherapies in her sessions.

4Using Essential Oils

Tarica uses essential oils to help heal. Here she has lemongrass and cedarwood, also pictured is her amulet.

5Healing Hands

J’Huti Ta Seti massages a client in Washington DC. He’s been a massage practitioner for more than 20 years and founded the Healing Hands Massage Institute.

6Hemp Kettle Tea

Minna Nilanont, founder and master tea blender of Hemp Kettle Tea, offers her classic teas as well as the chance for the tea drinker to blend their own.

7Stopping to Smell the Rosebuds

One Hemp Kettle Tea drinker chooses to stop and smell the rose buds. Hemp Kettle Tea uses Canadian Hemp Seed oil in conjunction with other natural ingredients to promote health and wellness.

8Cannabis Mentors and Seeds

Losia Nyankale, DC Cannabis Industry Specialist, can help legal home growers find their perfect match in a cannabis mentor. She was giving away some seeds at the event as well.

9Cartoons and Cannabis

Cartoons and cannabis go hand in hand for these locally showcased artists. This blue crab is a staple of the Maryland shore.

10Fresh Lychee

In-step with the cannabis through wellness theme, fresh watermelon, lychee and coconut quenched thirst and was a sweet treat after being in the heat.

All images courtesy of Chloe Sommers