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Yofumo Products Redefine the Post-Harvest Cannabis Process


Every once in awhile, a product comes along that sets a standard for its industry and becomes a benchmark that everyone else wants to copy. Yofumo has created such a product. Their boxes offers a technological breakthrough in cannabis storage and processing that redefines the entire harvest-to-consumption model.

Not only do Yofumo devices cure cannabis flowers far better than glass jars ever could, they provide dispensary owners and retail locations with a level of inventory control that has never been seen before. Their products improve drying, yeast and mold treatment, security, specialty processing and curing, as well as long and short-term storage. As a result, businesses save both time and money.

“When we first got into this space, we noticed that most of the attention was being focused on the growing process – lights, fans and climate controls for grow rooms, and so on. There are a lot of people doing some amazing work in these areas, but we saw that no one really was making a product that helped improve the flower once it was harvested, from drying, curing, transportation, storage, quality control and security,” said Alfonso Campalans, CEO and Founder of Yofumo.

yofumo-product-img-1The Yofumo devices use gaseous ozone for curing and post-harvest handling. Ozone has been used in liquid application forms since it was first applied to food and water sanitation in the late 19th century. Yofumo realized that they could manipulate ozone in new ways to refine cannabis. The company’s patent pending technology can also be applied to any biomass – like grains, herbs and teas – to control molds, fungus and bacterial contamination.

No matter how careful you are, there are sanitary risks with traditional post-harvest methods. With these methods, cannabis can be infected with mold, yeast, and other potentially harmful bacteria. Yofumo removes these risks entirely so consumers know the buds they buy are as clean and pure as possible. Yofumo devices can also improve the quality of cannabis flowers.

“The mahogany available on some of our devices acts as a natural terpene enhancer,” Campalans said.

Yofumo boxes also improve the consumer experience. A major concern of legal cannabis consumers these days is consistency, and Yofumo boxes put these concerns to rest.

“The boxes provide dispensaries with a controlled environment. Using custom made settings, Yofumo devices provide users with flowers exactly how they want them to look, smell and taste and be the same every single time. The settings are also customizable according to every single strain. We believe our product is on the cutting edge of our industry’s the future because customers know precisely what they’re getting every single time they buy from your dispensary,” Campalans said. yofumo-product-img-2

The benefits don’t stop there. Yofumo boxes are also cost saving for grows in several ways. First, the accelerated drying time allows dispensaries to move product more quickly, as opposed to waiting for it to dry on its own. Second, it uses less energy than a common refrigerator.

The Yofumo devices use Internet of Things technology that allows devices to talk to each other and give pinpoint inventory accuracy. Digital security protocols log every time the device was opened, and what was taken out. The boxes record the weight of their contents automatically, so dispensary owners know exactly what’s in each box, making them ideal for inventory and preventing theft. You can even control the boxes from anywhere in the world.

“With the Yofumo smartphone app, you can control your device from anywhere in the world. You can unlock it if someone needs to gain access to it and you’re not there, and it tells you exactly how much product is taken out,” said Spencer Bramson, Head of Experience for Yofumo.

Yofumo officially launches in January 2017, offering three commercial products designed for grows and dispensaries – The Quad, The Pro and The Pro+. Each model features different levels of customizability. Two consumer products, The Pearl and The Classic, will be available later in 2017.

“We are still in the learning and listening phase right now. There’s so much to take in and digest. We have gotten a lot of great feedback from master growers. We want them to experiment and get back to us about what works for them. We’ve seen tremendous success with the devices so far, and we’re just getting started,” said Bramson.

In the future, we will see Yofumo products used in an unlimited number of agricultural applications. Anything that grows and needs a drying or curing process can benefit from a Yofumo device, not just cannabis. Products like the Yofumo are redefining the way we consume the cannabis plant, and it’s only going to get better from here.


  1. Great idea. Too bad ozone neutralizes odor and the loud nose is where all the product value is. Also, speeding up drying and curing leads to shitty cannabis. The commercial ruination of weed has begun.