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4/20: A Story in Videos

© Stock Pot Images / Dale A. Clark

Another 4/20 has come and gone and as we gear up for another year of political and cultural battles, it’s a good time to take a look back at the day.

Of course, it being 2019, there is a lot of video of 4/20 celebrations, whether it be from news stations or the revelers themselves. Here’s a look at just some of the festivities from Saturday.

KPIX in San Francisco covered 4/20 celebrations at the city’s Golden Gate Park

Pot TV streamed live from the 4/20 celebrations in Vancouver (starts about 54 minutes into the stream)

For some reason there were live boxing exhibitions at London’s 4/20 celebration in Hyde Park

More from Hyde Park as a man who speaks incredibly fast conducts interviews

And one more from Hyde Park

Here’s a 2-story tall replica of a cannabis plant in Sydney, Australia

CBS 13 covered the Cannabis Cup in Sacramento, CA

Another live stream from Vancouver

Some 4/20 footage from the Mile High City

Celebrations in Eastern Oregon

Long lines at legal marijuana shops in Massachusetts on 4/20

Obviously these only cover some parts of the many celebrations that took place all over the world on April 20, 2019. The fact is, 4/20 has just gotten too big to be “covered” in any practical fashion. And that’s not a bad thing.