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5 Medical Marijuana Delivery Start-Ups

Here I’m taking a look at 5 different California medical marijuana delivery services that have been successful thus far.


Delivery of medical marijuana has been around for a few years now – but the services just seem to keep growing and getting more creative. In California there have been dozens of new start-up’s in the last year alone – which ones will survive the legal challenges with the new laws on the books are hard to say.

Here I’m taking a look at 5 different California medical marijuana delivery services that have been successful thus far. With recreational marijuana likely on its way to Cali in 2016, if these companies make it they will be set and ready for deliveries outside only medical patients.


This is one of the first medical marijuana delivery start-ups and it was first to be dubbed “Uber for Pot” – and in a way it really is. The process is simple, validated patients can use their website platform to view products and order their medicine right from their home.

They have drivers who then go and pick up your order from the nearest local dispensary who are partnered with Eaze and make the delivery in record time. It really is a perfect solution for many individuals who cannot get to the dispensaries due to poor health or lack of transportation.

Speed Weed

Similar to Eaze, Speed Weed is a non-profit medical marijuana cooperative who delivers medications to qualifying patients right to their homes. They are available in many cities throughout both Northern and Southern California which makes them an excellent option and an obvious choice for many.

Depending on traffic, most orders are delivered in under an hour – which is a pretty speedy delivery and you never have to leave your house. This company operates through a mobile app, making browsing and ordering easier than ever and you can do it from anywhere.

Loud Cannabis

This delivery app takes things in a little bit different of a direction. Rather than connecting patients with the inventory of their local partnered dispensaries, they connect them to the growers themselves. Basically, Loud Cannabis is helping patients to cut out the middle man, get the best prices and the best medicine available.

Unfortunately, shortly after being awarded as one of the top medical marijuana delivery apps, Google pulled the Loud Cannabis app off of the Google Play market – even though they had previously approved the app. Even though they are still trying to sort things out to get their app back in the hands of Android users, they are still operating via their website (both desktop and mobile versions are available).


Nestdrop is a Bay area company who was already in the delivery service and in the last couple of years started offering medical marijuana as well. Prior to this change the company was an alcohol delivery service (something we should probably have everywhere, for safety reasons more than anything). They will still be delivering alcohol – but not in the same order as medical marijuana as per state laws.

With an app available to Android users this is one of the easiest to access delivery tools available to patients in California. Unlike the others though, Nestdrop is just short of the middle man in the situation. They don’t actually deliver your marijuana – they simply offer the platform to order it. From there it is up to the dispensary to deliver your order.


Another web based app, TreeHouse is a newer start up, though it looks promising. Their goal is to connect dispensaries with customers that cannot visit them in store; which also helps patients who cannot get out of the house access to the medicine they need. Prior to being able to make any orders patients must be validated by TreeHouse software to ensure they are purchasing legally.

Patients, once validated, have access to all partnered local dispensaries products as well as their current deals or discounts. They also offer analytics and marketing help for the dispensaries who work with them. The thing that really sets this start-up apart is the fact that it tries to be as beneficial as possible for both patients and dispensary owners.