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The Truth on How Adolescent Marijuana Use Affects Adulthood Success


For years and years people have been urging teens to avoid marijuana like the plague as it could potentially destroy your life. Unfortunately for a long time this was being accepted as fact, regardless of the fact that there was never a study done to support this theory.

From there the negative stereotypes continued to grow: stoners are lazy; stoners don’t have any motivation; pot heads don’t get anything done, they just get high all day; pot heads cannot be successful or happy in adulthood; the list could go on.

Luckily for all of us 420 friendly folks a new study has recently been released that tells the truth – with real facts and statistics to back it up no less! It’s about time the world gets to see what the cannabis community really has to offer.

The study was done over the course of 10+ years, following men ages 15-26 and following them into their mid-twenties. These people were then evaluated at age 36 to compare the outcomes.

The findings were surprising to some – though to many of us marijuana supporters this was already common knowledge.

After accounting for variables outside of marijuana use (use of other substances such as alcohol and tobacco) the study found that there was no link between marijuana use and maladjustment in adulthood. It also found that chronic users (those who smoke daily) are more likely to have friends and partners who also use marijuana.

Now, the first part of the study is truly an amazing thing to have these days. There are so many successful cannapreneurs these days, it would honestly be insane to try and keep up the lazy stoner stereotype. However, now that it’s in writing for all of the web to see, perhaps we will start seeing credit put where credit is deserved, rather than belittling thousands of people for a recreational habit!

The second part of the finding is where I feel like they are truly stating the obvious – think about it – of course marijuana users are more likely to have friends and partners who also use marijuana. People who drink a lot also tend to have friends and partners who like to drink a lot.

It’s a common interest and it brings people together – marijuana is much more than just a plant or an industry; cannabis is a culture that unites a very large number of people around the globe.

Another study showed that marijuana is often a substitute for alcohol or other drugs – and this is definitely true! Many people turn to cannabis as a safer and more relaxing recreational alternative. Something that leaves them with a buzz, but not unaware of the world around them.

This is something that I think should actually be encouraged – if more people had access to marijuana as a legal alternative they may steer clear of harder more dangerous drugs and it can also be an effective aid when fighting addiction.

Overall, the studies mentioned have finally brought light to a truth that has been kept in the dark for too long. Something the cannabis community has known for years – yet no one could get past the lies, giving in to the one or two bad stories and forgetting about all the successful people who are a part of this culture.