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Strain Review: White Rhino

A Delightful Danger


This strain is an indica dominant hybrid of White Widow and an unknown North American strain – and it really packs a punch. When it comes down to it, this strain is not for the inexperienced user. White Rhino holds between 20-25% THC content consistently and is one of the strongest medicines around making it a well-known and well-loved favorite to many.

What You Should Expect

White Rhino has the same frosted look of its parent strain, White Widow – covered in white THC crystals this strain shows off its indica dominance. Usually a vibrant green shade these buds are extremely dense and release a strong earthy and woody aroma when ground up. The scent is definitely strong and not easy to mask.

When smoked this strain can be a little tricky – it seems to expand in your lungs, making what appeared to be a small toke into a cough-inducing rip. Be gentle when you’re smoking this one as nobody really enjoys a coughing fit! The effects are slow to onset for an indica – but by the time you finish your session you should be feeling all the wonderful effects of this potent strain.

Medical Benefits of White Rhino                        

If you’re looking for a strong pain medicine then White Rhino is definitely a strain to turn to. It’s high THC content and indica traits make it a perfect strain for pain relief. It is best used at night as it will leave you with a tired and calm feeling, helping even the worst of insomniacs get a full night of rest. If you often find yourself waking up through the night due to pain or restlessness you may want to consider this strain before bed.

Other common medical uses for this strain include treating depression and anxiety, loss of appetite, migraines and PTSD. All of these conditions are most commonly treated with indica strains for their high THC content and pain relieving and stress reducing effects. Since this plant is relatively easy to grow (it can handle all sorts of weather conditions and can grow indoors and outdoors) it makes it an excellent option as you know it will be relatively easy to access.

The plants grow a maximum of 6 feet, even when grown outside in the most natural environment possible. The strain only takes about 9 weeks to flower and can produce between 900-1200 grams per harvest (around 30 pounds). If you are looking for a strain to grow at home and an indica will suite your needs, this is definitely a strain I would recommend considering.