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A Tour of Kentucky Naturals Hemp Extracts

Image Courtesy of Joe Klare

It’s no secret that CBD (cannabidiol) has become the “rage” in many circles. It’s also no secret that the rise of the popularity in CBD has done much to raise awareness about the cannabis plant overall. From the CNN docuseries WEED with Dr. Sanjay Gupta to the proliferation of CBD products in just about every conceivable form, sold by big retailers down to mom and pop gas stations – not to mention the thousands of places it can be found online – CBD seems to be everywhere.

In many ways it seems like education and knowledge about CBD has lagged behind the rise of its popularity. Of course, this is not a phenomena exclusive to CBD; many products have become popular before most knew exactly how it worked or if they even really needed it.

But those who have researched CBD know the amazing things it can do, so the next step is getting that information out to as many people as possible. The Internet is the obvious place to do something like this. After all, through social media, millions of people can be reached in a relatively short amount of time. Yet – as hard as this may be to believe for some of you – not everyone is reached via the web.

Many people – especially older folks – still fondly remember the days when you could go into a store and talk to a real person. For those who shy away from the Internet but still want information about CBD, a place like Kentucky Naturals Hemp Extracts in Edgewood, Kentucky is an ideal environment.

The feedback they have gotten so far has been “very positive,” according to the store’s owner, Amy Miles (full video of the tour can be found below). “Most of the people are between the ages of 40 and, I’d say, 75, to maybe even 80,” she said. “Mainly ailments such as arthritis, neuropathy, some people with depression or anxiety, and that’s really CBD’s claim to fame as far as I’m concerned, is anxiety.”

In the coming months Amy expects to have topicals and a wide range of “THC-free” products for those who are worried about drug tests at work, as well as pet products.

For those not familiar with Kentucky, it is not exactly a hotbed of cannabis businesses. Yes, growing hemp is huge here, but there is little beyond that in terms of cannabis access. To find a store in the state where you can walk in and buy a product made from cannabis while learning about that product is an anomaly, at least for now. Medical marijuana has made some progress over the last several years, but not enough to be a viable alternative for the vast majority of those who could benefit from it, unless they buy from the black market.

For everyone else in the state, CBD is a promising alternative. And people like Amy Miles are leading the way to a day when a store like hers is not an anomaly, but simply normal.