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A Trio of Marijuana Technologies: NanoPot, BrainBot and PotBot

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The marijuana industry has sparked the imagination of quite a few new technologies in the past few years that would have never been considered before (at least not considered seriously).

A company by the name of PotBotics has taken marijuana in an entirely different direction. While many are looking at how to grow it to be stronger, more potent, PotBotics is trying to bring marijuana into the century of smart technology.

With three incredible pieces of technology under their belt PotBotics is likely to be the leader in this new industry.

The NanoPot

NanoPot will be the device that helps those who are attempting to grow the strains to their maximum potential. It is an advanced DNA reader that has the ability to read cannabis seeds and provide all the information a grower would need to grow the perfect strain.

The NanoPot is able to understand the molecular biology that makes up each individual cannabis seed allowing the cultivator to create a perfectly customized growth plan for each plant. This paired with the new Greenhouse technology that has been introduced lately will provide cultivators with a fully optimized growing potential.

The BrainBot

The BrainBot is going to revolutionize an entirely different sector than NanoPot – it is meant to provide insight in the medical marijuana world. This particular “bot” is a helmet that works as an EEG, mapping the brainwaves of patients wirelessly.

The BrainBot is used to record patient’s responses to different cannabinoids on different conditions. Overall the idea is to provide a way to know which strains will be most effective for the individual and their ailment – thus taking the guess work out of picking the right strain for medical purposes and skipping all the trial and error.

The PotBot

PotBot once again hits an entirely different market than the previous two “bots”. PotBot is meant mostly for the consumer – and it will in some ways aid retailers as well. It is an app that can be accessed via mobile devices that works as a recommendation engine.

With just a little bit of information – such as the ailment you are searching to cure (anxiety, insomnia, nausea, etc.) and from there it uses a neural-net algorithm to recommend strains and cannabinoid levels that are appropriate for the patients need. It is once again going to help take some of the guesswork out of medical marijuana making it easier on patients.

With each of these little inventions focusing on a different sector of the medical marijuana industry PotBotics really shows passion and initiative. After all, we’re living in a technological age – so why leave marijuana out of the modern day, smart technology world?