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A Vaporizer for a Crafty Vaping Enthusiast

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Crafty Vaporizer

From Storz & Bickel, the company that brought you both the Volcano and the Plenty vaporizers, comes the Crafty vaporizer. While those two other vaporizers are considered to be the cream of the crop, they’re also quite big. Unlike the Crafty, those other vaporizers aren’t the kind of things you’re going to be bringing along just anywhere.

With the Crafty, all the great quality of previous Storz & Bickel products are brought together and placed inside a small, ergonomically designed vaporizer that’s highly portable. This vape is actually considered to be the little brother of the Mighty – another brilliant vaporizer – but again, a little on the big side.  

What’s Great About the Crafty?

Let’s talk a little about what makes the Crafty vape such an exceptional vaporizer. First, let’s start with its humble design. The Crafty is made from a hard, black plastic shell that – despite the choice of material – never feels like a poorly made or cheap product. But this is hardly a surprise considering the other products that Storz & Bickel has brought us.

The size isn’t too big either. It’s about 135 grams, so it fits comfortably in your hand and can be stored without causing too much hassle. Also, it has a cool vented design that grips really well in your hands. That’s a pretty nice change from the normally smooth vape exteriors.

Seriously Crafty Heating

One thing that can be difficult to decide on when purchasing a new vaporizer is deciding what heating system to go with. For anyone not aware, there are generally two kinds: convection and conduction.

crafty-vaporizer-seriously-crafted-heating-img-1With conduction heating, there is direct contact heating of the herb which can result in some serious clouds from your vape. But, they also run the slight danger of overheating your herb.

This is not the case with convection heating, which circulates the air so that your herb is more evenly heated. Results may vary but generally, convection heated vaporizers give slightly more flavorful vapor. They can be a bit more expensive though, and there’s not as much vapor.

There is technically no ‘better’ form of heating; just people and their own preferences. A really cool thing about the Crafty, however, is that you don’t have to pick sides anymore when it comes to your heating preference because it’s a hybrid. Now you can have the best of both worlds in one quality vaporizer.

And because of the vented design that we mentioned, the vaporizer never gets too hot. Yet another strong point in the Crafty’s favor.

Ease of Use

The Crafty, for all of its high-level pedigree, is actually a vaporizer that is super simple to use and set up. It’s a vaporizer that veteran vapers will love and that will also comfortably introduce beginners to the world of high quality vaping.

To begin filling the vaporizer, all you have to do is unscrew the top part to reveal the herb chamber. The chamber holds about 0.25 grams (or a bit more, if you really finely grind your herb). Unlike some other vaporizers, you don’t need to pack it in really tight in order to get a good hit. Even when half full, you can still get quality draws from the Crafty.

Turn it on!

Getting your Crafty to turn on is also very straightforward. Once you’ve gotten your chamber loaded to your liking, simply reattach the top piece and hold down the power button for two seconds. The vaporizer will vibrate to let you know it’s on, which is a pretty cool feature, and the LED lights will then turn on. Once the light at the front of the vaporizer turns green, it means that the vaporizer has reached the optimum temperature. Usually, the heat up time is about ninety seconds.

Normal and Boost Mode

There are two temperature settings for the Crafty: Normal and Boost. On the Normal setting, you can vape between a range of 356℉ and 383℉. But you can enter Boost mode by pushing the power button twice. With this mode, you can vape at a slightly higher temperature.


As well as being a dry herb vaporizer, the Crafty is also capable of vaping concentrates. There is a liquid pad that comes with the vaporizer, and all you need to do is put a little wax on top of the liquid pad and place it inside the chamber. Quick and simple.

Battery Life

Perhaps the only drawback of the Crafty is its battery life. The battery itself is a lithium-ion battery and takes two hours to fully charge. Once it’s charged, it lasts for about 45 minutes.

To be perfectly honest, this isn’t a great amount of battery life for a vaporizer. Generally, if a vaporizer can’t last for sixty minutes or more, there’s room to question the makers. But the Crafty is so well-made and offers so much else that it’s hard to hold poor battery life as a major negative against it.

Smartphone App

Another great feature of the Crafty vaporizer is that it has a dedicated app. The app, which you can download to your smartphone, allows you to remotely control the temperature settings of your Crafty vaporizer. This allows you to get the most out of your herb. crafty-smartphone-app-img-2

As long as your vape is within range, you can switch it on using the app. Plus, if you ever accidentally turn on your vaporizer using the app, there is no need to worry because there’s an auto-shutdown feature that will kick in after five minutes of inactivity.

In Conclusion

The Crafty is a real beast of a unit. It can essentially provide you with everything that a Plenty can while also fitting into the palm of your hand. This is no small feat since the quality and performance of the Plenty is almost second-to-none. It gives great flavorful vapes and – despite the low battery time – I’d still highly recommend getting one.  

On top of all the wonderful features that the Crafty vaporizer provides, it also has a two-year warranty. Whether a beginner or a veteran, any vaper would be proud to have this in their collection.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and educational purposes only and is not intended to reflect the views of the publication.