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Big Moon Sky – Where’s the Weed?


With half of California’s most populated areas still waiting for a recreational dispensary to call their own, one out of five Californians will have to look elsewhere for legal cannabis.

United States, CA – 03/20/2018

Napa, CA – It’s been more than 2 months since regulations came into effect making the adult use of cannabis across California legal and many would-be cannabis consumers are still waiting, wondering where they can actually buy their recreational cannabis… and how?

Currently, if someone wants tested, legal cannabis products they must either seek out a recreational dispensary, or possess a medicinal marijuana licence. The real issue here is for those without a medicinal licence, as outside of a few select Californian cities, recreational cannabis is relatively inaccessible.

Big Moon Sky, California’s latest online cannabis retailer, was surprised to find that more than half of California’s highest populated areas still aren’t within the immediate vicinity of any physical recreational dispensaries – likely due to tight restrictions on recreational licensing. Amazingly, this is the equivalent of 8.5 million Californians – over 20% of the population!

A recent report by the California Growers Association has said that, in a state of nearly 40 million people, only 534 growers have been licensed as recreational producers. This means that fewer than 1% of Californian growers are actually allowed to produce recreational cannabis – an issue that has had far-reaching effects throughout the state.

Fresno and Bakersfield – two large cities in California’s Central Valley – are a couple of especially surprising examples. Fresno, the biggest city on the list with a population of over 525,000, is a staggering 100 miles away from the the nearest physical recreational dispensary.

Even the town of Weed is without weed…

But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t demand. Big Moon Sky found that, in January alone, California saw an incredible 272% increase in cannabis related google searches in comparison to the previous year, with more than 150,000 Californians searching for dispensaries in or around their area.

And although general search terms like ‘California dispensaries’ saw a considerable increase (upwards of 184%), it’s the region specific searches that really help to paint a better picture of the situation in California. Whilst Los Angeles saw an increase of 174%, smaller cities without a physical recreational dispensary, like Santa Clarita have seen an even greater increase – over 200%.

Big Moon Sky even found that, for the first time ever, Californians were searching to see whether a recreational dispensary would be at Coachella!

As more and more californians seek out the location of cannabis dispensaries in their area, an even larger percentage are faced with disappointment. Short of possessing a medicinal cannabis licence, or driving for hours to another city, those without a physical dispensary have been left wanting.

That’s where Big Moon Sky steps in.

Although they can’t promise that you’ll find them busting out some moves at Coachella, Big Moon Sky does promise to get every Californian their recreational cannabis – no matter where they live.

That’s right, Big Moon Sky confirm that they can deliver across most of the state – including as far south as San Diego – giving every Californian the opportunity to sit back, relax and unwind with Big Moon Sky’s fantastic range. A range that stretches from infused cold brew coffee to luxury chocolates, to flower and vape oil complete with all the tools, plus fun tasting notes to enhance the experience.

Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself at www.bigmoonsky.com.


Established by talented entrepreneurs from the wine industry, Big Moon Sky exists to deliver an exceptional Cannabis experience for medical and recreational users. From the first click to the very last nibble, draw, drop or sip, Big Moon Sky is the best-in-class Cannabis company in CA, offering:

  1.   Premium Product: a thoroughly taste-tested and highly-curated product list arranged in simple, understandable collections based on the effects you can expect. All products are locally farmed and produced using only natural processes and methods.
  2. Simple, legal, secure and safe way to buy: Apart from setting the standard for online cannabis shopping, they pride themselves on developing a platform that adheres to current compliance and legal standards in California.
  3. Best in service, every time: Convenient delivery – across California – on customers terms. The drivers are all friends and family who are committed to providing a safe and easy delivery (don’t be surprised if they text you when they are on their way!). Delivery is always free, checkout is always secure, and service is just a phone call or email away. Contact us for specific delivery details.


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