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Airgraft Launches Groundbreaking Membership Program and Advanced Airgraft 2 Vaporizer System to Deliver the Vaping Experience We’ve All Been Waiting For


In the world of cannabis concentrates and extracts, quality and vapor performance are top-of-mind for producers and consumers alike. Yet, the current vaping technologies used to consume concentrates are not up to par with market expectations. Leaky cartridges, extreme  temperatures that burn the extract and low-quality materials undermine the vaping experience and, more importantly, jeopardize the end user’s safety.

Enter Airgraft, a purpose-driven technology company that engineers and sells vaporization hardware and software designed for the effective, efficient delivery of medicinal and recreational extracts. The company recently announced its game-changing Airgraft 2 vaporizer system meticulously built to deliver a purer, more effective vapor, and with consumer safety in mind. The release coincides with the launch of Airgraft’s world-first membership program on July 1st.

“When it comes to concentrate vaporization technologies, the industry is still in the early stages of development,” noted Mladen Barbaric, founder & CEO of Airgraft. “There’s no vaporizer out there that’s actually vaporizing the cannabis oil. The team at Airgraft focused on science to create a device that works exactly as it should.”

The Airgraft 2 provides a vaping experience like nothing else available on the market – its technology is seriously from the year 3000. The unique system couples FDA-recognized, heated-food safe materials with a revolutionary vapor engine featuring individual heating algorithms to optimize vaporization of each batch of oil. Airgraft’s system also bypasses commonly used oil filters and traps to deliver an optimized airflow and reduce loss of usable oil by as much as 40% in comparison to other leading systems. Wave good-bye to burnt oil and wasted product, and say hello to five times more vapor output per draw. The system’s temperature algorithm also makes it significantly safer by preventing the inhalation of harmful chemicals such as aldehydes and highly volatile substances created by overheating the oil. 

“Many vaporization devices available on the market today employ extremely simple technologies that just burn extracts, and the experience isn’t quite right for the user,” explained Barbaric. “Imagine using a stovetop that has only two temperature settings – off and high – to boil oil. At one point it will start boiling and then immediately start burning, thus changing the molecules. When the cannabis extract is overheated, the molecular structure of the oil is altered. You’re producing chemicals you didn’t mean to create, chemicals which consumers definitely shouldn’t be putting into their bodies.”

Each Airgraft 2 pod comes with its own specific QR code linked to a heating algorithm unique for that extract. When the pod is activated and inserted into the device, it’s heated to its optimal temperature, providing a cleaner, more flavorful and effective experience. Airgraft ensures safer and purer vapor with thorough emissions testing. The company takes testing to the extreme, using custom-built equipment to carefully inspect the vapor for foreign substances and altered molecules.

But people want an elevated vapor experience they can afford. That’s why Airgraft developed an exclusive membership program that provides consumers access to their smart technology, science-backed practices and premium pods from some of California’s finest producers at prices up to 50% lower than competitors. Airgraft 2 pods will be available at participating California dispensaries across the state and for delivery.

“We wanted to give our customers both sides of the puzzle: high-quality vapor for an experience people deserve that’s actually within their budget,” added Barbaric. “The end cost of our membership plus the price of a pod is actually less than what you would pay for the pod alone. By cutting margins and financing the hardware on our end, our customers are purely paying for the cannabis extract.”
The program is powered by MagicKey, Airgraft’s proprietary QR-activated light signature that unlocks pods for members’ use (watch the demo for how to unlock an Airgraft 2 pod here). The general public can access the membership on Airgraft.com beginning July 1st for a monthly $10 fee. Access Airgraft before the official July 1st launch and receive a limited-edition Starter Kit, strictly first-come-first-served. For more information, visit Airgraft.com or follow the brand on Instagram.