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Alarming Amounts of Myclobutanil Found in California Bud


The election proved victorious for California’s recreational cannabis industry and consumers – but with liberties, comes regulations.

A recent study by Steep Hill Labs, a global leader in cannabis testing and analytics, detected what could be a significant challenge for California’s cannabis growers. The issue lies with the new product testing requirements, which go into effect almost a year from now – in January 2018.

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According to Steep Hill, when they applied Oregon’s marijuana testing standards, 83% of the Californian products tested would have failed.

As shown in the chart below, the largest imprint was from the myclobutanil pesticide, which is a compound that converts into toxic hydrogen cyanide when combusted.

Combustion takes place every time a cannabis smoker lights up.

Image Credit: The Cannabist

New Frontier is one of the top two data collection and industry-reporting firms in the green space today.

They said that growers will need to  significantly adapt their cultivation operations to address the high prevalence of pesticides. Such a move would be to meet both the state’s new regulations, and address the growing concern among consumers about the quality of cannabis they are ingesting.

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Not sure where to start? The Organic Cannabis Association has a pesticide-free certification program which tests participating grows for residuals of harmful pesticides. The best scores go to the grows with residual pesticides testing at zero.

Their objective is to create and implement rigorous organic standards to produce legal cannabis, promoting quality industry professionals and educating the public.

“What goes into the plant – and ultimately into the consumer product no matter how far removed from plant form – requires the same thoughtfulness and careful consideration as what goes into our food, water and air,” said the OCA website.

11/28/2016 Update: Corrected misspelling of mycobutinol to myclobutanil


  1. Maybe legalization will result in increasing the population of persons willing to volunteer in the labor-intensive handwork of physically tending, attending to each plant, each leaf, each bud in lieu of spraying with quick-solution solutions. Families who have a pet dog are generally willing to devote quality time to petting, grooming, brushing the animal. So assumng cannabis is man’s best friend, vegetally, as canis is animally, hands-on loving attention will prevail, and pests or pollutants will be laboriously but safely removed.

  2. There are really good strains such as KK Khalifa Kush which is Owned by Rapper Wiz Khalifa that are 100% organic and the Strains` Thc% and CBD% are comparable if not better than most strains that use nutrients a.k.a Chemicals i believe they still use nutrients but only 100% natural things. This is all still new as far as regulating for the FDA and coming up with the numbers that are going to keep Patients and Recreational users Safe,and also if you think about it when alcohol was illegal and people made shine etc. people were going blind from the crap in it getting severe liver damage etc. and most of those effects not all but most are still a part of the consumption of alcohol till This Day. i just hope these states that have passed Recreational use and the ones` to come take the year they have to start figuring this out rather than letting those chemicals continue to go uncontrolled so that people will get sick or have side effects so that way they can use that as a Reason to stop the progression of getting this wonderful medicine legal everywhere in the United States. I wish i could take all the hesitant people who dont want marijuana legal into one room and show them toddlers who have conditions like epilepsy and have multiple painful seizures daily since they were born have a topical CBD oil that has 0% THC (which is the chemical that gets you “high”) on what looks like a roll on deodorant get rolled on the bottom of the toddlers foot in the middle of a seizure and watch it almost instantly stop and if used daily have mad it so now these toddlers can go sometimes as long as months before having one seizure. i guess the question i would ask these non believers would be are you a parent? and if so if this was your child suffering daily and there was a solution that is inexpensive and can change your child`s quality of life drastically and stopped them from suffering almost completely what would you do? how far would you go to get this medicine would you move across country or to a whole other country? what do we have to show and prove for everyone to realize that in the very short amount of time we have been studying marijuana for any health benefits we have found more uses and supposedly even some cures with marijuana, than any other very highly funded testing of other drugs or compounds also cbds`a.k.a cannabinoids have been found to help provide relief for a wide variety of illnesses nevermind what else they will find with future testing. and CBD are not illegal.Thc also helps relieve another list of side effects you get from having certain illnesses which normally would be treated with highly addictive pills such as OxyCodone,Xanax,Adderall even Methadone and Suboxone addiction which is usally caused by coming off of Heroin lets not forget that hemp which are the fibers from the plants branches and stems have already been used to make hemp powered cars run so it also can be used as a Fuel source. also hemp fibers are bery strong great for making rope with and then the best part for the government that is constantly in debt and digging deeper the TAXES the jobs you wanna talk about how the trickle down effect does not work when the 1% has the money well here is a way to make plenty of jobs for the middle class and i do not mean all jobs having to do with marijuana only because their will be people who leave their careers or jobs to work in this industry opening up more jobs in all areas of buisness. I personally have to much to say on this subject and i am positive their are people who have a lot more facts than i do but to me it seems so black and white how great this could be for our whole country and why has not everyone else noticed it? Although i am not blind i am very aware Big Pharma which makes the world go around would hate this unless… they got out of their own way and developed these super organic strains of marijuana that turned into the different kinds of medicine and had the monopoly on it …oh wait they cant it is a plant others can also grow naturally,as much as ill be chastised for saying this and i love growing myself all they would have to do is make the laws super tough on personal cultivation now they have their control. Also crime has and will continue to drop in this states that have it legal for medicinal and recreational why deal with the shady guy down the street you might have some crap or you may not get what you pay for or even worse there might be another drug it has been laced with which happens more than you think in some states. What it boiled down to in my opinion at least, which is just that my personal opinion if you weigh the pros and cons if liquor worked how could marijuana fail if done correctly.

  3. Grow your own organically (or at least pesticide-free) where it’s legal to do so and stop worrying about this. And work really, REALLY hard to legalize it where you are if it’s not already legal there so we can finally kick decades of ignorant propaganda to the curb along with Trump/Pence, its despicable mouthpiece Jeff Sessions’ goal of criminalizing cannabis across the board, and all of life’s other wholly useless trash.