Home Business America’s First Marijuana Resort will be hosted by South Dakota Tribe

America’s First Marijuana Resort will be hosted by South Dakota Tribe


The first-ever Marijuana Resort will be coming to South Dakota, courtesy of the Santee Sioux tribe. The tribe has already proven successful in the business world having owned a casino, a hotel and a buffalo ranch in the past.

After the recession ended, the tribe has been looking at new ways to bring in revenue to fund things such as more housing, an addiction treatment center and a 24/7 day care for casino workers who does not benefit from traditional daycares.

The decision was to move forward with the idea of a marijuana resort – since there is nothing like it yet in the United States, they will get all the attention. Sure more will follow, but they will already have a solid foot in the door. (More than they know – I’ve already heard a couple friends talking about taking a road trip and making a stop by there!)

The resort would grow all their cannabis on site, which will be beneficial when it comes to keeping track of everything from seed-to-sale. Their goal is to do everything by-the-books in order to prove once again that regulated marijuana can and does work.

Already there are men working on growing 30 different strains of the sticky sativa and indica buds. The first joints are planned to go on sale as a part of a New Year’s Eve party this year – so if you are going to be anywhere near South Dakota around this time you may want to consider joining this event!

The plant will be sold on site in 1 gram bags – enough for a couple of joints, maybe more if you roll thin joints. Finished that first gram and still wanting more? No problem, just remember to hold onto the first bag! You will need to turn in the first barcoded bag in order to purchase a second gram.

A gram will be selling for $12.50 – $15, which is about the same average as the legal market in South Dakota.

So what else will this resort hold for us? They plan to have it set up similar to a night club, with arcade games, bar and food service – and eventually they want to add slot machines and even an outdoor music venue!

They claim they want it to be “an adult playground” and it truly sounds like one to me! There is no doubt in my mind that this will be a highly successful venture.

What do you think of the idea? Will this marijuana resort be a stop on your next road trip?